Perfecto: Rock Climbing Above the Sea.

Via on Jul 15, 2008

Among Mallorca’s fragrant almond groves, famed nightclubs and speedo-sporting Eurotourists, limestone cliffs rise from the sea like sentinels, their steep pockets beckoning to climbers the world over. Whether you know it as psicobloc, bouldering or deep water soloing, you’ve no doubt seen footage of ropeless climbers throwing for tufas twenty meters above the ocean. A fall means splashing into 80° water, drying off and trying again—from the bottom. Some call it traditional climbing in its purest form. Others call it a hell of a way to spend a few weeks.

Last season, a small group of climbers traveled to those sea cliffs to learn the intricacies of deep water soloing and to try, unrehearsed, some of the hardest—and most aesthetic—routes in the world. Now they’re bringing Perfecto, a Mike Call film starring Katie Brown, Ethan Pringle, Chuck Fryberger, Boone Speed and others, to a theater near you. Don’t miss it. Find a screening near you. 

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