Eco-Fashion: smart, stylish, sustainable. Mountains of the Moon is just that.

Via on Sep 18, 2008

Eco-fashion is the new black? Yes. And no.  It’s definitely in but Melissa Baswell is no new customer in the eco-fashion world.

 So What’s more eco than recycled clothes?
Mountains to the Moon Eco-Fashion line.  Melissa not only uses thrift store clothing but hemp and organic fabrics also.  She has been doing this for years, so for her, eco-fashion isn’t her new fad but a way of life. Mountains of the Moon, based in Chicago, was one of 10 nominated for Co-op America’s Green Business of the Year.  Melissa’s goal for Mountains of the Moon changes the way people think about re-used clothing and turning the old, thrift store clothes into hip, sustainable, ethical, environmentally friendly outfits. Being an eco-fashionista just got easier.


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