Wear the Talk. [elephant journal: organic tees & tanks]

Via on Oct 29, 2008


Wear the Talk with with ele’s Organic, Fun, Slightly Meaningful Tees.

From videographer Alex King’s sister, Lauren:

“I pulled up to the lake and saw dad outside in this shirt—and from far away all I could read was ‘Eat Me’ and I thought, oh lord…(insert eye roll). But then I saw it said ‘I’m Organic’ and it was from you guys and felt so much better about it. It’s a cute shirt.”

Get your own organic, fun, slightly meaningful elephantee and show your support. They’re fair-labor—made in U.S. of A. by well-cared-for workers—and printed through Anthem Branding, who rox the best prices and are good people, besides. In Boulder? Get yours at Om Time, Boulder Bodywear, T Bar, our elevision talk show…or online.

Top right: Eco-star Simran Sethi with Mr. LOHAS, Ted Ning. Below: Our Farmers’ Market tee at the Brookline Farmers’ Market in Brookline, Mass, emailed to us by an (anonymous) reader.

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