A Teen’s Plan for Darfur: Small Donations Purchase Stoves, Having a Big Effect on the Country’s Women.

Via on Dec 27, 2008

I just read this hopeful story on CNN. Maryland teen Spencer Brodsky, 17, has started a program with CHF International to purchase fuel-efficient stoves for women living in Darfur. Women are at risk of violence when they seek firewood, a scare resource that often takes them far from their camps. The stoves burn 75% less firewood, keeping women closer to their camps and out of harm’s way. What a brilliant plan. And it only costs $30 to purchase a stove. Brodsky states, “The power of one. The power of change and that we can make a difference. Even though I may be only 17 and a teenager, I can make a difference.” And now I feel like I can in Darfur too. Read the full story at CNN, and go straight to CHF to make an online donation.

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