‘Hudson Hero Pilot’ Live on Larry King Tonight [Flight 1549, Preview Interview Video]

Via on Feb 10, 2009

Captain Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger and his crew (with all 155 surviving passengers on their minds) will be interviewed tonight on Larry King Live to speak of the ‘miracle on the Hudson.’

Almost a month since the incident, the captain is still on his break from the skies.  He can’t say when he will be ready for flying again.  He needs first to move past what happened on Flight 1549: a crash landing into the Hudson River.  It was confirmed by the National Transportation Safety Board that the presence of birds in the engine lead to the crash landing just as the pilot had suspected.  Just minutes after the plane departed from New York, a collision with birds caused the loss of power in both engines.  Captain Sullenberger feared there would be no way around the Hudson River, and no chance for survival if that was the case.  To read the full story about the miracle, click here.

Preview the interview:

“Thank you for saving my life, I know it’s your job, but thank you.”

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  1. rusty says:

    awesome! did you hear about the cocktail in NYC called the Sully? 2 shots of Grey Goose, and a splash of water!

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