Valentine’s weekend: The principles and the pleasures: Partner Yoga with Elysabeth Williamson

Via on Feb 4, 2009

If you are looking for a great Valentine’s gift, or you are simply interested in yoga and would love to meet new people, this might be the place for you to be! This Friday, February 13th from 6:30 PM to 8:30PM Elysabeth Williamson will celebrate love and friendship with Partner Yoga at CorePowerYoga South Boulder Studio.












“The excitement, mistrust, anger, and love we feel reflect our interpersonal patterns outside of yoga practice, and we begin to learn about our ways of being in relationship. In this way, Partner Yoga becomes a playground for intimacy, in ways that are safe and sacred. The Pleasures and Principles of Partner Yoga demonstrates how universal principles of relationship further our practices and our lives.”

Elysabeth Williamson 

You don’t need a partner to join us, youc an bring a friend or open yourself to connect with others. Whatever you choose, don’t miss it! It will be awesome to read about your experience in our up coming review of it!



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  2. Katie says:

    sounds lovely!

  3. Katie says:

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    Love your practice!

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