‘You are what you eat.’ Does that mean you and I are banned in Europe? [Treehugger: 7 Foods banned in Europe]

Via on Apr 7, 2009


More than ever, people are becoming more conscious of what we eat and where we’re shopping. Buying locally, organic, and supporting fair trade foods allow people (and our environment) to live a better life.

Food is a powerful thing. Anyone see Seth Rogen on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart last week?  He was looking slimmer and healthier because of better food choices.

But what happens when we’re tricked by the government? We eat foods that are not only unhealthy and unsafe, but actually banned in Europe and still available in the U.S.

Check out Treehugger’s ‘7 FoodsBanned in Europe Still Available in the U.S.’

It’s a scary world out there—eat consciously!

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