Ecofashion your Wardrobe: Organic Men’s Briefs.

Via on Jun 28, 2009

American Apparel organic briefs American Apparel organic briefs

American Apparel‘s rockin’ organic cotton unisex briefs are iconic, simple and stylee.

Both myself and my boyfriend wear them (not each other’s. Well…sometimes)…because they are comfy and hip, stylish but practical.  The slim fit is great for sports, or…sitting around hipster cafes smoking American Spirits while pretending to read Catcher in the Rye.

And remember: until a couple years back, there were no organic cotton options available for underwear. And, AA’s unisex briefs are not only organic cotton but made in LA.

I do wonder though how eco these briefs are—do they use natural dyes when coloring the briefs? How is their white so white, natural bleach?

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Self-explanatory random yet peripherally-linked bonus video:

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7 Responses to “Ecofashion your Wardrobe: Organic Men’s Briefs.”

  1. Lindsey Block lindsey says:

    Found some info about AA's Dye Process Organic Apparel
    Benefits to Our Process: Our low-impact dyeing process eliminates chemical waste, providing innumerable environmental and health benefits. We use a low impact fiber reactive process to dye our organic cotton. This process uses the least amount of water when compared with all other dye processes available and the cotton absorbs over 70% of the dyestuff. The dye forms a direct linkage to the cotton fiber resulting in superior colorfastness and minimal run-off.
    Dyeing Standards: At American Apparel, our Organic Collection color T-shirts are dyed with low impact dye which meet industry standards for organic.

  2. Nathan Smith smithnd says:

    Thanks for that random video… I just wasted a full half hour.

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  6. Emily says:

    Gods, I love FOTC

  7. Lindsay in LA says:

    I agree, it comes off as an AA ad to me. Also, check out "Fugitive Denim" by Rachel Louise Snyder, which more deeply investigates the complex issue of clothing manufacturing all over the world, and its environmental and human effects. While overseas clothing factory workers make minimum wages compared to Americans, certain countries such as Cambodia have passed laws requiring better working conditions and comparatively higher wages for workers….Gap and Old Navy sell these clothes (when they could be buying them more cheaply from other countries, but have chosen to buy Cambodian instead), so buying "Made in Cambodia" clothes actually support better conditions for those workers, and help send a message to the world that consumers care about where and how their clothes were made, and under which conditions. If American Apparel is being "green" on one hand, while the other hand is creating a hostile work environment for women, there is a huge disconnect there.

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