What is the best way to go… [Green Burials].

Via on Jun 10, 2009

Neptune Memorial Reef

Personally I’m a little weirded out about being buried.  Not that I’m scared of thinking about death but I don’t find the beauty in decaying under the ground.  I don’t want to offend anyone’s religious beliefs and I know that people love the idea and ceremony of burials, but what is the best way to go? Burial with coffin, or without,wrapped up in your organic cotton American Apparel bed sheet?

Well, now there is a new way to go, in a coral reef!  I think this is a fun idea.  Spending your life above ground and your death in the ocean.

Off the coast of Miami, Florida, the Neptune Society has created the largest man-made coral reef in the world. The Neptune Memorial Reef, as it is called, is certified by the Green Burial Council and has over 100 individuals memorialized in this reef.

Don’t worry it’s free of harmful materials and even promotes marine life.

The full story on Treehugger.

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