Wanderlust Festival 2009: Yoga Stars. Rock Stars. Under the stars.

Via on Jul 12, 2009

wanderlust festival yoga music

Wanderlust Festival brings you bands to jam to, including Michael Franti & Spearhead, Mates of State, Girl Talk, Spoon, Andrew Bird (whoot, whoot), Broken Social Scene, Sharon Jones

…along with yogis that rock, Anusara’s John Friend, Shiva Rea, Annie Carpenter, and the lovely Elena Brower.  In beautiful Lake Tahoe, California, July 24-26, Wanderlust Festival may be the first fest to successfully bring together truly hip music, greeat Yoga teachers and breathtaking surroundings.

wanderlust festival andrew bird franti spoon music broken social scene yoga

And it gets better. Wanderlust focuses on “local sourcing, organics, reusability, carbon offsets, and sustainability, Wanderlust will be close to a “zero impact” event in year one.”  They plan to reduce the amount of trash to the landfill by 80-90% by using a system of recycling, compostable, and trash bins.  Wanderlust is bringing in local foods and beverages while also only buying organic, sustainably farmed foods. Their ban on Styrofoam and non-recyclable plastics will help to “avoid contamination and reach our 90% zero-waste goal.”

I’m pretty much drooling over the music and yogi lineup, the natural setting, and their environmentally-friendly efforts—and hoping that elephant is able to make it out (our editor, Waylon Lewis, is actively searching for video sponsors for our interviews with the above talent at Wanderlust—he was invited out by Wanderlust’s founders).

Wanderlust Festival

For full lineup info and tickets, click here.


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15 Responses to “Wanderlust Festival 2009: Yoga Stars. Rock Stars. Under the stars.”

  1. Lindsey says:

    I think with Wanderlust producers taking such initiative, they are raising the bar and demonstrating that the entertainment industry has just as much responsibility to tread lightly … hopefully, other big-name festivals will follow suit!

  2. […] Kasey of Yogamates.com, on the way to Wanderlust, she just visited us in Boulder, we love her! Follow her journey to and through 50 yoga studios on […]

  3. […] Kasey of Yogamates.com, on the way to Wanderlust, she just visited us in Boulder, we love her! Follow her journey to and through 50 yoga studios on […]

  4. […] Kasey of Yogamates.com, on the way to Wanderlust, she just visited us in Boulder, we love her! Follow her journey to and through 50 yoga studios on […]

  5. Kevin says:

    Active Junky is giving away two 3-day passes to Wanderlust Festival! Check it out:

  6. Andy says:

    Lemme let you in on a little something: The band that will blow your face off is Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings. Get ready to dance and smile like you never have before!

  7. kia says:

    I am excited to go! It looks like such a great weekend. I still have to pick my yoga schedule and am a little overwhelmed by the choices. And as far as music, sigh. I love THE MUTAYTOR!! I haven't seen them since I moved from California in '04.

  8. Mark says:

    Broken Social Scene was the weekend's revelation for me. Great set…

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  11. Hello , I wanted to say that I really like your post!

  12. Wanderlust is, I think, about bringing together those who love great music and maybe don't know anything much (or care, for that matter) about yoga and bringing together those who know all about yoga, the breath, their bodies, but whose idea of a good time is, right, listening to New Agey hip-hop. I love Franti, but his "I'm high and barefoot" routine, while alluring to the ladies, doesn't define the quality of music at Wanderlust.

    Let's yoke the two communities together, sparks will fly!

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