Modern Day Forrest Gump is “Walking For The Climate.” But Where’s the Love?

Via on Aug 31, 2009

Greta Browne walking for the climate

Reading this article via the NY Times, I felt a little bit sad.  From the perspective of a college graduate like myself, it’s usually harder to convince the older generations of what’s hip in the here and now. They get stuck in their old ways, shun technology (don’t even start talking to your mom about Twitter) and try to stay as far away from the ideals of the young, uber-liberal hippie/hipster as they can.

But not Greta Browne.  This 65 year old woman began her 1,100 mile walk for environmental awareness outside of New Orleans, headed for Rouses Point, N.Y.  She was hoping to make a greater impact on society.  Thus far, she feels more pessimistic.

In the end, Ms. Browne said, she thinks that most people are sympathetic and want to do something — just not too much. She was particularly discouraged by a woman who approached her after one church talk and said, “Oh, you are preaching to the choir. We already recycle.”

Ms. Browne remembers thinking that recycling was “so 1980s” — perfectly good, she said, but not nearly enough in itself.

For the full article, including a confusing mention of her support van, go to NY TIMES.

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