A Christmas Ride…to Wounded Knee.

Via on Dec 17, 2009

Update for 2010 via Beverly Armstrong:

Winter Drive for Wounded Knee
Still time to give, until 6:30pm, Tuesday, December 21. All offerings will be trucked to Wounded Knee on Pine Ridge Reservation, an area of 3rd-World poverty within U.S. borders. Our gifts help to cheer families through the difficult South Dakota winter.

DROP-OFFS: Gifts and other donations may be brought to the Boulder Shambhala Meditation Center, Monday through Tuesday, Dec. 21, or to Unity Church on Tuesday, before 6:30pm. The truck will be leaving for the rez from Unity at 7pm.

WHAT IS NEEDED: Gifts (new items); Please wrap if you can and securely attach a label to the outside with age/gender/size/description of contents.

Suggestions, for children: toys, games, etc.; teens: sports equipment, jewelry, tee shirts, etc.; adults/elders: blankets, skin cream, new socks, gloves, sweaters, etc. (dried blueberries are a much-loved traditional gift for elders). Books; art, beading, craft, quilting supplies for everyone.

Also needed are winter coats, fleece, hats, gloves, and other warming gear, all sizes and ages; these may be lightly used and clean. Also, food for a community dinner at Wounded Knee, esp. treats for children and elders: candy, peanuts, nuts, fresh and dried fruits.
Contact Alia (alia at boulder.shambhala.org) if you have questions.

Happy return of the light ~ Beverly.

~~~ Original article plus JT’s update follow:

Leading scientists say that we have 10 years, at best, to fix the problem of CO2 emissions and climate change; beyond that the damage will be irrevocable. But solutions to this looming ecological crisis exist, awaiting implementation.

Jim Tolstrup, with Chief Arvol Looking Horse.

This post originally appeared in March of 2008 but with the events in Copenhagen and the 110th aniversary of Wounded Knee, it seems very timely again.