Waylon vs. Leo. {poll}

Via on Apr 21, 2010

Waylon Lewis and Leonardo DiCaprio for TreeHugger awards

Planet Green Gives a shoutout to TreeHugger’s Culture & Celebrity “Ambassador of Environmental Culture,” our very own Waylon Lewis.

Treehugger’s Reader’s Best of Green 2010 Awards

We can’t help but appreciate (laugh at) the visual comparison to Best Celebrity Activist Leonardo DiCaprio on the Planet Green page.

Waylon Lewis, our very own editor and elephant leader, is named the Reader’s Choice Best Ambassador of Environmental Culture through TreeHugger’s Best of Green 2010 awards in Culture and Celebrity. The full photo/award description is featured on Planet Green, Treehugger’s sister site (both are owned by Discovery).

Waylon (broke, unfamous) and Leo (rich, infamous), side by side, saving the world one mindful step and one winning look at a time!

Treehugger best of green awards 2010 culture and celebrity

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  1. ejesh says:

    Leo is hotter that's for sure!!!

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