Hazy Sunshine: Striving for a more inclusive vision.

Via on Jul 24, 2010

Sun over Lake Michigan

A vague sense of confusion presents itself when I favor the shallow perception.

I saw the freshly hatched sun today over Lake Michigan. It rises as an expression of hope.

Why is the sun hidden sometimes (like every night!)? I have the privilege of education so I get the earth spinning and revolving around the sun explanation… There might be more. This scientific understanding also says something about our consciousness. We are aware of the sun existing even when we don’t see it. Or are we? Apparently this is an ability we get at a pretty young age. There is a time when Mommy has left the room, and we understand that she is not gone forever, and we “see” that she has only left temporarily. And then there’s a time when someone dies, and even though they are not available to be seen like they used to be, they are still there in consciousness similar to the sun when we can’t see it.

The weather forecast called for hazy sunshine… I guess this is it. I seem to have awareness without clarity.

I understand that the sun is hidden when I can’t see it, but when it is gone from my direct experience it’s almost like I forget to believe in it. Sometimes it is just a lonely, dark night.

There is also a sense of mystery about things that exist outside what can be immediately seen, and sometimes the joy cannot be held back. This often happens when I practice a yoga posture—joy starts coming out! I don’t know from where, and what does it matter. I enjoy the joy! And I am thrilled by the rising sun.

* Article offered with gratitude from the archives of Yogic Muse *


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Alex Myles is qualified as a Yoga teacher, Reiki Master, Teacher of Tibetan Meditation, Dragon Magic and a Spiritual coach to name just a few. Alex has no intention to teach others on a formal basis for many years to come, instead, she is collecting qualifications along with life’s lessons. One day, when the time is right, Alex will set up a quaint studio, in a quirky crooked building where she will breathe and appreciate the slowness of those days as life is just way too busy right now! Reading and writing has always been one of Alex’s passions. Alex likes to consider herself as a free spirit rather than a commitment-phobe. Trying to live as aligned to a Buddhist lifestyle as is possible in this day and age, she just does not believe in "owning" anything or anyone. Based on the theory that we ‘cannot lose someone that was not ours to lose’ she flails through life finding joy and magic in the most unexpected places. Mother to a 21 year old daughter and three adorable pups, she appreciates that some of the best moments in life are the 6am forest walks watching the dogs run, play and interact with one another and with nature. Connect with her on Facebook and check out her blog, Love and Madness. 


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