Teko’s Socks Rock!

Via on Jul 23, 2010

Our feet are essential. Socks and shoes are important props for our well—being. Teko is a Boulder based, wind powered sock company who’s top of the line socks, cater to hardcore athletes and casual pedestrians alike.

With marino wool sourced from a farm in Argentina that has been farming for decades and meets the GOTS ( Global Organic Textile Standard), this is good news for you, the sheep and the native grasses. The merino wool sock blends offer the best of merino wool’s functions: moisture absorption, insulation and odor control! For less sweaty endeavors they have recycled polyester socks. All socks are chlorine free (less shrinkage, less toxic wastewater) and seamless.

They are dedicated to using the most sustainable production processes and sources and finding ways to make the best performing socks on the market.

One customer, Waylon Lewis says,”He loves his socks!”

The Teko website offers further information as well as tips for evaluating the quality of socks.

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