Buy Palm Oil.

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on Aug 30, 2010
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Wanna change the world? It’s simple: just buy products with Palm Oil in ’em.

Here it comes…

Via Valerie Mitchell: For those visually inclined people out there:

DOVE wants us to love ourselves, they want us to feel good in our own skin and embrace who we are as individuals…
…unless of course they need your land to grow cheap Palm Oil.

The Body Shop is a great source for ecologically sound ingredients. They spend a lot of time investigating how their sourcing will effect the culture, not just the land, and they reinvest back into the community that’s supplying them with their raw materials.


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17 Responses to “Buy Palm Oil.”

  1. ARCreated says:

    we can not continue to be blind to our actions. Everything we put on and in our bodies has an impact…on our health, the health of those around us and the health of our planet….it itsn't about being "green" it's about being human.

    but don't just say the words, make your actions (your wallet) do your talking …for the land, the people, the planet for yourself.

  2. loupardi says:

    amazing, moving sad piece… bit confused with the headline here…

  3. Shelli Meyers says:

    How come Greenpeace is singling Dove out ?

  4. Richard Semper says:

    Can anyone clarify this? This Elephant post seems to be from Aug 2010. The video presents a link to Greenpeace (, and that page (from Jan 2009; the video seems to be from Apr 2008) says: "Thanks to the staggering public support for our international Dove campaign in April 2008, Unilever has now agreed to play their part in saving the Paradise Forests of South East Asia." And it's this is the latest update at Greenpeace with the tag "Dove". Is the specific issue related to Dove already settled?

  5. Lan Varkey says:

    Finally, I found the information I was looking for. I have been doing research on this subject, and for four days I keep finding websites that are supposed to have what I am looking for, only to be disappointed with the lack of what I had to have. I wish I could have found your web-site quicker! I had about 25% of what I needed and your website has that, and the rest of what I needed to complete my research. Thank you and keep up the good work!

  6. Shelli Meyers says:

    Weird, there is another palm oil article that went up today (, and that one embedded another one of Greenpeace's videos – very similar to this one in tone and alarmingness, but this time directed at Nestlé. The link at the end of that one now directs you to an article – dated three months ago – thanking Nestle for making the commitment to stop using all products that result in rainforest destruction ( As I said over there, I hope this is just some sort of weird news regurgitation glitch, because I think it's very bad to continue to accidentally disparage companies who have cleaned up their acts as a result of activist campaigns because we didn't make sure our info was up-to-date before we (re-)sounded a battle cry. .

  7. Rose says:

    actually, greenpeace is not leading the movement against palm oil, rainforest action network is. however, it's not as simple as a lot of these groups are purporting. there are a lot of great eco companies making totally sustainable, organic palm oil and boycotting them is just taking jobs away from worthy people who do good work in struggling countries.

    basically, most ingredients in things like dove soap have negative environmental impact, is grown in a negative way, negatively impacts the people who grow it, and is toxic for you. so, staying away from dove and other similar products is a good idea, but not just because of palm oil. buy organic/non-toxic/sustainable things whenever you can because every ingredient matters. also, if you're going to spend so much time talking about what's wrong, at least spend a little time at the end mentioning what's right, i.e. highlighting a great company with wonderful, pure products that strengthen communities, like pangea, max green organics, etc. etc. etc.

  8. Venus Llanet says:

    Your blog offers a lot of unique insights and wisdom. I haven’t really thought about it like that. Please keep updating your site. I will be stopping by every time u do it .

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