The Storm of My Heart.

Via on Nov 1, 2010

A poem of swirling chaos and settling into stillness and love.

The Storm

I feel like the branches of the Mighty Maple

being tossed around by the

winds of the brewing storm.

I feel like the winds of the brewing storm

tossing everything in my path

into a swirling chaos.

I feel like a swirling chaos;

dizzy and unearthed,

losing my ground,

losing my balance,

falling down.

So I fall down.

Yet twirl along, the leaf that I am,

occasionally feeling the earth strike my body.

Receiving the storm,

feeling the storm of my heart.

The leaf begins to crumble.

The winds gust.

The rains fall.

The lightning strikes.

Finally, when the storm passes, I can see the light again.

Losing momentum, I can see the blue sky and the sun.

All is released.

All is refreshed.

All is still again.

Still again.

This poem along with many more are available in Helene’s book of poetry, Blessed Womb – Inspirational Poems to Warm the Heart and Womb.

What others are saying:“Helene Rose takes us into the world of birth, motherhood and raising children. She presents life, through her poetry, with a generous heart, touching my own in the process. She inspires women to love themselves and these intimate aspect of their lives. She’s accomplished it!”

-JYOTI WIND, author of By Grace’s Edge, Dreaming It Was Real, and Food and What Feeds Us.

About Helene Rose

Helene Rose, MS, is dedicated to inspiring your inner radiance and passionate about supporting women to live uniquely brilliant lives. She offers private mentoring and group mentorship programs dedicated to supporting working women and mothers. Helene also works with corporations to bring balance to feminine leadership and help women and companies tap into and unleash creative feminine energy. Before founding Be Brilliant Network LLC, she completed a BS in Mechanical Engineering, a MS in Curriculum Development, worked within several large corporations, taught ninth-graders in an inner-city school, founded a non-profit to support mothers, and has been on the path of feminine empowerment and mindfulness since becoming a mother in 2004. She lives in Boulder, CO with her family. "Living a brilliant life means that you radiate joy and peace in all areas of your life. You live by your own set of unique values and are empowered to live an authentic, radiant life. Your relationships are nurturing and supportive. Your work is purposeful and meaningful. The earth glows with each step you take. When a woman fully acknowledges and embodies her brilliance, she is an authentic and successful contributor to society - no matter where she is and what she chooses to do. Her inner brilliance shines forth in all she does." - Helene Rose Register for Helene's next Be Brilliant Group Mentoring Program for women. HERE.


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8 Responses to “The Storm of My Heart.”

  1. Jen says:

    Very powerful and metaphoric…I can relate on so many levels and a specificly storm-filled time in my life. I love how writing can create bridges from one person's reflections of a unique experience, and touch the heart and soul of another human who is reflecting their own unique experience, the the words can sooth both.

  2. dandelion says:


  3. helene_rose says:

    Yes, the words do soothe me, and I'm glad that you've found comfort in them too. The day that I wrote this, I was so moved by the storm outside my window….it was a powerfully reflective experience.

  4. So beautiful – makes me want to sit down, read some poetry and be with the moment. I look forward to your book. Thanks, Helene.

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