Chogyam Trungpa On Mathematical Infinity~ January 31st.

Via on Jan 31, 2011

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All Possibilities Come To Fruition…

“Everybody has their own square one, and they get back to it. That seems to be a universal thing. We want to be something, right? Even if we are back to square one, we are there, we are something. We don’t want to be nothing, and we constantly avoid that. That is the problem. So the only alternative— not even an alternative, but only choice, so to speak— is to be zero.

So square one is the basic ground from which we function, and square zero seems to be beyond even our functioning: Isness, without any definitions. It is not so much branching out, but branching in. You achieved your identity at square one, and that seems to be the problem. So ultimately one has to return to zero. Then you begin to feel that you can move around. You can do a lot of things, not be numbered. You’re not subject to numbers, and you are not confined to a pigeonhole. So your situation could be improved if you know you are nothing but zero, which is nothing. There’s no reference point anymore, just zero. Try it. It is an expression of immense generosity and immense enlightenment.”

~ from Ocean of Dharma by Chogyam Trungpa edited by Carolyn Rose Gimian

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  2. Katrina Gilley-Hall says:

    "You achieved your identity at square one, and that seems to be the problem." This really brought the message home :o)

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