Grocery shoppin’ on a bicycle.

Via on Jan 6, 2011

What’s a bachelor to do when he’s fresh out of frijoles and doesn’t drive a car?

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It’s a fun way to earn your food while breathing in fresh air!

About Ryan van Duzer

Ryan Van Duzer is a born and bred Boulder boy who loves sunny days, riding bikes and eating burritos. He doesn't know how to drive a car, doesn't eat meat and is a big time momma's boy. Ryan is a freelance travel journalist and TV host, working mainly for Travel Channel and National Geographic. His dream is to host his own eco-adventure travel show and someday become the Mr. Rogers of the adventure world. To see more of what Duzer Duz, check out


18 Responses to “Grocery shoppin’ on a bicycle.”

  1. Juliana says:

    love this. more please.

  2. kim ashdown says:

    only you duzer- could make shopping so entertaining! I am car free since 2007! Way to go!!!

  3. Okay, I was JUST about to post this video.. ahahah.. Its AWESOME!

  4. cesar betancur says:

    Where can one find a nifty trailer like that?

  5. namastehon says:

    I duz luv the dooz!

  6. Amy says:

    awesome!!! Great post, if only everyone did their groceries this way!

  7. Jarrod Homer says:

    Ah, the good life!

  8. ailis says:

    Hilarious! Love it!

  9. Cullen says:

    "Grocery shoppin' " looks relatively easy on bike…My recumbent trike is perfect for this!

  10. fxgeorges says:

    this is the one thing am begging to love and started doing it 3 weeks ago. i saved money for trips going to the market, grocery store, fast food and vet… aside from it there are side trips and exercise. yeah i need to buy a helmet :)

  11. Lief says:

    Love it. You are an inspiration for all. When are you going to write your book about living simple in a hectic and complex world?

  12. fmd82 says:

    When I lived in Oakland it took me 45 minutes to ride uphill to our grocery store. 5 min ride downhill with full pack. Thanks for the reminder.

  13. Jodi Williams says:

    This video made my day. You have motivated me to ride my bike to the grocery store across the street, haha

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  15. Great video! Good for overall sexiness! Yes! LOL

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