The Door.

Via yeye
on Jan 14, 2011
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“I have your back. Don’t close the door.” You are not alone.

Courage and awareness while living your daily life, joy and cheerfulness to keep the heart healthy.

Sometimes you open doors that some others see as closed, either by choice or by chance, either by will or by destiny. The conversation with the self keeps on chatting as the questions of life, the universe, relationship and death keep popping up in the spectrum of your reality.

Sometimes you feel angry, other times you feel sad, confusion sets camp, questioning, not accepting what is, because it hurts, because is scary, because it takes too much effort or commitment, or because is simply not what you want to go through. You rebel against everything and everyone, you rebel against God, and find your strength in the denying of divinity. Decide you are alone and set energies in motion to keep your sand castle together, with you lock up in it.

Sometimes you create chaos, out of insecurity, jealousy, control, power, doubt, hurt. You feel hurt and you hurt others. You create your own chaos and produce scenarios that keep feeding the illusory fake strength you are habitually addicted to as a door to escape, to win, to dominate.

And sometimes, somebody else opens a door that you always kept closed. Out of choice or chance, out of will or destiny. Leaving you with no other choice but to cross the door as well, how can you not? It is open. You go through out of choice or chance, out of will or destiny.

When that door opens, a door it was thought as a door that was meant to be closed, but now is open, you suddenly are in the other side. Your chaos, your suffering, your doubt, your insecurity, your jealousy, your control, your power, your hurt, they all fade away, because you find others on the same side, their chaos, their suffering, their doubt, their insecurity, their jealousy, their control, their power, their hurt…all is there, on the same side.

Suddenly you see all reflections of your self, like a limbo where the character of humankind shapes. And you feel stupid and silly for wasting your time thinking all that is is yourself. Realizing that all that is is all and the same, kept broken in pieces behind doors.

But today you crossed that door, The Door. And the basic understanding of life becomes clear to you. Courage and awareness while living your daily life, joy and cheerfulness to keep the heart healthy.

And an astral voice tells you: “Don’t close the Door. I have your back.”

In a moment of heavenly glory, with trumpets and angels and everything, with a unifying vibration through the spine, you accept yourself as you are.

You are not alone.

light & love

light & live



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Yesica Pineda is a time traveler, viajera del tiempo. *Planetary Moods * Connect with her on Soundcloud at WaterWalkers or Yeyeorganicpop. Or, visit her website.


5 Responses to “The Door.”

  1. yesica says:

    THanks for the lvoe Bob :) smiles!

  2. yogiclarebear says:

    beautiful yesica. unconscious spiraling, grace, awareness, choice…the “chaotic” but supremely designed circle of life…


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