Healthy relationship: love and change

Via Yesica Pineda
on Feb 24, 2011
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Take a breath, let it out. Tune in to your sensations and listen. Ask yourself:

How many times in a conversation I say the word “I”?

How often do I interrupt (by word or in thought) what others are saying to me…with the word “I”? Am I honoring what I feel? Am I honoring my freedom of choice? Am I honoring what others feel? Am I honoring their freedom of choice? Can I be with myself or do I need constantly the company of another? Do I blame others for my own suffering? Do I always think others are here to get me? Do I live in projection of how others judge me?

Allow me to change your perspective. After being honest with yourself with your answers, tell yourself:

From now on,  conversations will not include the word “I”.  Example: “Meeting you has been a joy” instead of  “I am happy to meet you”; or “Having you as a friend is a beautiful gift” instead of “I want the beautiful gift of your friendship”; or “You are needed” instead of “I need you”. (Unless, of course, you really need to talk only about what “I” wants, needs, and has done, stop talking about yourself.)

Listen. Honor what you feel. Honor your freedom of choice. Honor how others feel. Honor others’ freedom of choice. Learn to be with yourself so you have something enlightening to give to others. Stop blaming others for your suffering and take responsibility of yourself.  Learn how to trust in your own radiant energy.  Stop looking at yourself through the eyes of others.

There is only one successful way of communicating: Love. There is only one Ultimate Truth: Change.

Stop trying to change others and change yourself until your life is full of grace, love and real happiness.

Let go.




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  2. magdalena says:

    ~ thank you for this…. it takes so much effort and practice to "get" it. Having a beginner's mind helps, since in the beginning it's all about them. Funny how ego dissolves when love strikes :)

  3. yesica says:

    you are beautiful :) thank you Magdalena 😉

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