10 Best—and Worst—Things about Being Human.

Via on Apr 8, 2011

1. We wear stuff with pockets and have opposable thumbs. Who doesn’t love pockets.

2. We do stuff plants and animals cannot. In our own way, we dance, fly, sing, make music and recite poetry. We hold hands. Cuddle. These lyrics are great. Important.

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3. Everything. Every infinite possibility.

4. Nothing.

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5. We have amazing qualities that don’t have to manifest through tragedy. We have amazing life-altering qualities that do manifest through tragedy.

6. Just one human’s compassion can touch the sky or move a mountain. Imagine a group, an entire society. A nation.

7. Our facial expressions. And, the magic we see in them that might not otherwise be revealed. When it goes without saying.

8. We have choices. We can choose to help. We can choose to see. We can choose the road less traveled.

9. We are always much stronger than we think we are. Aum. Lead us from the unreal to the real.

10. We believe. We believe in ourselves, our neighbors and our family and friends. We have the ability to build courage and hope. We believe we can change.

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10. Our opposable thumb aids the trigger finger. There is too much conflict, fear and rage. There’s too much of what the deciders have decided we must do.

9. We can’t do stuff that plants and animals can. Our lack of understanding and lack of compassion leads us to acts of cruelty, neglect, abuse and tragedy.

8. The ‘rat race’ and the ‘work week’. Are you doing what you should and could be doing?

7. Indifference. Detachment is not indifference.

8. We don’t always do everything we can. We watch too much television, take too many pills, give in too easily.

6. We have too many choices. While others have no choice.

5. We don’t always tell the truth. Want the truth or believe in the truth.

4. Nothing.

3. Everything. Every infinite possibility.

2. We are afraid. We are so very afraid.

1. We don’t always believe that (we) can change. When we can. Right here. Right now.

Here I am: Blog.

Soldier photo credit: Michael Yon.
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8 Responses to “10 Best—and Worst—Things about Being Human.”

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  2. Dace says:

    Yes, and we all can be difference makers and workers for the better future!

  3. Claudia Azula Altucher Claudia says:

    It took me by surprise to read and it is oh so true, we are always much stronger than we think we are. Good to see you here Tanya!

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  6. Juma says:

    it is educative

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