Donald Trump reminds blacks that they will never be Americans.

Via on Apr 28, 2011

I thought of my ancestors, both direct and collective, who had fought and died so that I might be treated as an American.

On Wednesday, April 27th, President Barack Obama, under media pressure, released a copy of his long-form birth certificate. In response, Donal Trump held a press conference in which he stated that he is very proud of himself for forcing the President to release his birth certificate.

In his blog, Baratunde Thurston puts things into perspective with the release of this video.

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So, tears in my eyes, pain in my heart and rage in my soul, I composed this video message. More than written text, it comes close to expressing my full pain at witnessing a white man who was handed everything call the President of the United States (and me) a nigger.

Donald Trump’s press conference:

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10 Responses to “Donald Trump reminds blacks that they will never be Americans.”

  1. Katherine says:

    This is a battle of egos not worth fighting, IMHO. Man becomes an equal when he defines himself as so. What this man has done, and is doing, is only redefining himself as oppressed. Change your view of the world and you will be free.

    I've had to show my birth certificate at various times throughout my life. I am not oppressed. I am certainly not crying about it! Geez!

  2. Carol Horton Carol Horton says:

    Just remember, Obama is President and a lot of white Americans, including myself, think that Trump has disgraced himself irredeemably. While it's shocking and ridiculous and horrible that this "birther" movement has come to this point, it's also true that we have an African American first family and the majority of the population is happy with that, even in the middle of a horrible recession.

  3. kate1205 says:

    Baratunde, thank you for this. I share your outrage and disgust over this. It is shameful and extremely upsetting that we as a nation have allowed this to happen.

  4. Yogatchr says:

    My only comfort in this was my President stickin it to them all at the White House Correspondent's dinner. That was awesome. I about fell off my chair during the Circle of Life. The whole birther movement is a disgrace in front of the entire world. Funny how McCain didn't have this controversy and he was born in Panama.

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