Larry David, on Religion.

Via on Apr 4, 2011

It’s cah-razy. I’d keep it to myself:

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YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image YouTube Preview Image

For the rest, just double click video above, go to Youtube.

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7 Responses to “Larry David, on Religion.”

  1. Joseph Boquiren Joseph says:

    Religion like politics, one's wallet, cellphone, and sexual preferences should be kept out of public view.

  2. TamingAuthor says:

    There is no need to keep religion out of the public sphere. If anything it is the most important topic one will encounter. Religion addresses our essence and the fundamentals of our relationships with one another and with the universe.

    Where we get in trouble is with people like David who speak but are ignorant on the subject. When such ignorance hits the public square it can cause upset and hatred and division. But ignorance always does that… in Buddhism, for example, we find ignorance as the root of all suffering.

    One could make the argument that folks like David, spreading their ignorance, increase the amount of suffering in the world.

  3. Brad says:

    My opinion on religion can be summed up by yonder mountain string band’s “things you’re selling”

    Here are the lyrics, though I recommend listening to the song…

    Well I don’t need more guilt here in my life,
    How the hell is that supposed to help me find the light?
    And I don’t need you preaching at me day and night
    About the way I look, the way I walk,
    The way I dress and the way I talk,
    There’s something that you think you see like you’ve ever looked at me
    You say you’ve got it figured out,
    And you seem so damn proud about it,
    I never really trusted folks who have to talk so loud
    That ain’t to say you never looked me in the eye,
    But lookin’ isn’t seein’ when you just can’t spare the time,
    Besides you’re selling things I just don’t feel like buying,
    Like guilt and pain,
    Fear and shame,
    Who to thank, and who to blame,
    A set of rules that’s bound to keep the living out of life
    Who to love and who to hate,
    What’s too soon and what’s too late,
    There’s some test you have to pass before you feel the love of god
    Well I don’t need some fear of afterlife,
    How the hell is that supposed to help me find the light?
    And I don’t need you preaching at me day and night
    About the things I do and the things I don’t,
    What I will and what I won’t,
    There’s fire in your eyes sir, and it chills me to the bone
    You say you’ve got it figured out,
    And you seem so damn proud about it,
    I never really trusted folks who have to talk so loud
    So thanks alot man, but I’ll be moving on
    Yours is a hateful sermon, and it takes too goddamned long
    See, life is short and I’m gonna find mine searching for the light
    Yes I’m searching for the light
    Searching for the light…

    • TamingAuthor says:

      As I was saying, those who do not know religion only bring ignorance to the subject. And out of that ignorance arises hatred and suffering.

      What we have here is simply hate justified by calling the other person hateful. The circularity of ignorance at work.

      If the author of the attack piece bothered to spend any time studying or practicing religion, he would find out he has previously had no clue.

      • catlyn777 says:

        I do not return hate to those who hate me or judge me based on their religion or for any other reason. I will try to educate them and will try to help them. But, if they still want to continue to spew fearful or hateful words at me, I do walk away. I am only human.

        • TamingAuthor says:

          Exactly. One makes an attempt to educate but there are those who cling to their hate. One has little choice but to let them sit with it until they recognize they are being consumed by their hatred. Often it is only then that they are willing to open a dialogue.

  4. I adore Larry David. Thanks for these–they made me smile :)

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