Boulder event: Adventure Film Fest is Here.

Via on Oct 28, 2011

I love watching adventure films.  They inspire me, they show me corners of the world I’ve never seen and they bring the impossible right in front of my eyes.

Boulderites are in for a treat November 3rd, 4th and 5th as the Adventure Film Fest gets revved up once again.  Over 40 films from all over the world are on tap which will no doubt blow away audiences and probably inspire a few young Danny Mackaskills to rides their bikes off mom’s roof. 

This is the one weekend in Boulder when it’s ok not to climb your own mountain and instead watch others do it.  Here’s the schedule of all the films

This year I have special interest in the festival because I’m actually in one of the films and I’ll be presenting at the filmmaker’s workshop on Saturday.  I love their mission, “We believe in the power of the story. We believe in Leaving No Trace and Activism through Adventure. We believe that you can Make your own Legends.”

Here’s a few films that look particularly interesting…it’s time to inspire legends!

YouTube Preview Image

Whoa! All.I.Can

I love this freak on a bike!

YouTube Preview Image

This looks totally miserable…and Awesome!

And here’s my debut, it’s full of heart, not crazy stunts or gnarly mountains.


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