Electric Bikes will save the World.

Via on Oct 25, 2011

I always thought that electric bike were for wimps, I mean, isn’t the point of riding a bike to get exercise and sweat like a dog?

It turns out not everyone wants to be dripping with sweat after a ride (my mom included).  I recently took an Optibike for a spin and now I’m a believer in the power of electric bicycles.

When it comes down to it, getting more people on bikes electric or not is a great thing.  They’re still breathing fresh air, getting exercise and leaving the car in the garage.

Here’s a video of my test ride up Flagstaff Mountain…it was a breeze!


About Ryan van Duzer

Ryan Van Duzer is a born and bred Boulder boy who loves sunny days, riding bikes and eating burritos. He doesn't know how to drive a car, doesn't eat meat and is a big time momma's boy. Ryan is a freelance travel journalist and TV host, working mainly for Travel Channel and National Geographic. His dream is to host his own eco-adventure travel show and someday become the Mr. Rogers of the adventure world. To see more of what Duzer Duz, check out duzertv.com.


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6 Responses to “Electric Bikes will save the World.”

  1. elephantjournal says:

    How much?

  2. Jill Barth Jill Barth says:

    Thanks for this. Just posted to the elephant journal green Facebook page!

  3. Fun! I still want one of the folding ones so I can take it when I travel instead of renting a car…

  4. Neil says:

    Can't wait for the price to come down! And/or my income to rise (ha)

  5. sangye says:

    Eeek! Nearly 6 grand! That's why they say it's replacing the automobile haha A great lookin machine for sure, and it's a money saver if you were planning to buy a car :)

  6. Jericho says:

    Why the need for electric bikes? I prefer the old peddle and go bikes like my dutch bikes uk model. Kinetic force accumulated can turn into electric charges for mobile phone charging.

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