Thea Pueschel

Via on Sep 29, 2011

Thea Pueschel

About Colleen Nguyen

Colleen Ramsey Nguyen is a New Yorker born and raised but now calls Arlington, VA and the Washington, DC-area home with her husband and 2 yellow labs. By day she works on Capitol Hill for a New York congressman and focuses on education policy and animal welfare. By night and weekends, she's a liberal Ashtangi who loves to eat local and organic, buy natural, cook yummy food, and drink lots of wine. Follow her on twitter for a fun mix of yoga, liberal politics, education and food policy, and pop culture.


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  1. Thea says:

    Got caught googling myself. :) There isn't a link to my bio or my article. So I thought I would place a link should you stumble upon this page and think what is this silly photo have to do with Hypnotherapy or Yoga. So, should you wish to read more…

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