There can be no Transformation until there’s 100%. There Cannot be an Enemy. The War has to End.

Via Tobye Hillier
on Oct 18, 2011
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As long as there is them, there is no transformation, there is no solution.

There is no solution until there is 100%.

As long as there is *them* and the finger remains pointing accusatorially, there is no solution.

Benjamin Smythe

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About Tobye Hillier

Originally from England, Tobye Hillier has lived in Ireland for over 17 years, living in a small seaside town called Greystones 20 miles south of Dublin. A qualified Karuna yoga teacher (RYT 500), Tobye also plays a pretty darn funky 5-string bass guitar and likes to sing in other peoples' showers. Empathic and intuitive, He likes to bend Yoga to suit people and not the other way around.


6 Responses to “There can be no Transformation until there’s 100%. There Cannot be an Enemy. The War has to End.”

  1. Ramesh says:

    Provocative. I agree and disagree. In an absolute yogic/spiritual sense, he is right. In a relative social/political/economic sense, he is not. Many good changes happen in society even if people enact these changes out of frustration, out of anger. If we wait until everyone in a demonstration or movement is enlightened, we will wait forever to see any change at all. So he is both right and wrong. We need yogis like him to point the way toward nondualism, and we need the same nondual yogis to be large enough of heart to embrace those who act out of frustration and dualism to enact change in this world.

  2. Gabe says:

    Completely agree, and am glad to hear someone else say it! This points to the solution beyond the mind, which is my interest in this. To comment on Ramesh's comment above, I would say that change is possible through anger and fear, but transformation is not. We see this on the individual level all the time. Transformation is far more mysterious than we, as a collective, will currently admit. It requires a complete yes, a 100% yes.

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