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Via on Oct 28, 2011
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“The Shift is About to Hit the Fan” -Tom Shadyac.  Let’s Fan the Shift!

…That’s why I am going to Bioneers.

I must admit, I am pretty excited to be attending the Colorado Bioneers Conference at CU this weekend.  I am anticipating this event will, once again, reignite that environmental passion, restoring my faith that people will stop perpetually averting onto the easier road; myself included. If it does, I promise that I will never order coffee in a to-go cup again—I’ll just ask to take a swig straight from the pot.

Want to know more about the topics I will be covering?  Check back to this page and I will link the below events to the full stories or videos.


Revolutionizing K-12 Education with Sustainability in Mind-Karen Brown

“Smart by Nature” education has the potential to impart to our young the keys to sustainable living, revitalize our nation’s approach to schooling, and point the way to a hopeful future. This bold vision developed by the Center for Ecoliteracy is preparing today’s young people for the ecological challenges of the coming decades. Karen Brown, CEL Creative Director and an award-winning designer, explores how this vision is becoming reality in K-12 schools nationally.

Google Earth-Eye View: Mapping a Future Environment of Hope-Rebecca Moore

From the heart of the Amazonian rainforest to the depths of the oceans, from Navajo Nation to the jungles of Brazil, Google Earth mapping technology is providing remarkable high-tech tools to visualize alternative futures. Rebecca Moore is founder and Manager of Google Earth Outreach, which gives non-profits and public benefit organizations the knowledge and resources to visualize their cause and tell their story to hundreds of millions of people. As a Google software engineer, she leads Google Earth Engine, a huge collection of the world’s satellite imagery made available online with tools for scientists, independent researchers and individual countries who are developing applications for detecting deforestation and mapping land use trends. Rebecca shares her global vision in action, and how seeing the world from a Google Earth-eye view has changed her.


The Emerging Imagination Age-Joshua Fouts & Rita King

Visionary media innovators Josh Fouts and Rita King call this time The Imagination Age. From sudden revolutions in the Middle East to “unimaginable” natural and human-made technological and economic disasters, our world is in a state of radical transformation and readjustment. At the same time, powerful new media are emerging that could presage a hopeful new global culture and economy. Josh and Rita illuminate how extraordinary new tools – virtual worlds, games and the worldwide web – can leverage global cultural empowerment and educational reform, amplified by creativity, collaboration, art and music.

Pecha-Kucha: Stories from Community Partners

(This is the big one all you locals!)

Join a fast-paced and fun series of brief presentations from twelve of the partners of Colorado Bioneers. Learn about a variety of splendid local and global initiatives that are anchored in our region. Presenting on a subject of their choice, speakers have exactly 5 minutes to teach something, enlighten us, or simply inspire. Pecha-Kucha means chit-chat in Japanese. Facilitated by Waylon Lewis of elephantjournal.com. Presenting partners are:

Story and Science of Belonging

Karen Kudebeh will present the Science of Belonging– showing how Western science  supports the indigenous insight that All Life is connected.   She will share our inspiring 13.7 billion year story by giving a Bird’s Eye View of Big History/Deep Time.  She uses spiral timelines as visual and kinesthetic tools to learn and teach the “epic of evolution”.  You will view stars, Earth, trees, animals, and even yourself– differently after this experience. And for all of us who care about what kind of world we are leaving for future generations, here is an opportunity to define what might be possible.  Audience participation is welcomed and encouraged.

Finding Your Place in the Family of Things: A Radical Conversation with the More-Than-Human World

A world in ecological and cultural crisis calls upon each of us to act on our deepest passions in new and wildly imaginative ways to serve the continued flourishing of life. But where do you start, and what guidance do you follow in such difficult and confounding times? While analytic and strategic thinking is essential in certain situations, we can discover more about our own particular way of belonging to the world by whole-heartedly and imaginatively engaging the mysteries of wild nature in and around us. From this “radical conversation” emerges a deeper sense of belonging, purpose and direction, and a clearer understanding of the ways we are each uniquely called to contribute and serve life. This session will explore ways to initiate and/or deepen your own radical conversation with the more-than-human world, for the purpose of deepening into a life of soul-rooted service. Presented by Gene Dilworth.


Water is Life

The year 2012 is a milestone for Colorado water. Among other things, it is the 75th anniversary of: the Northern Colorado Water Conservancy District, the Colorado River Water Conservation District, the Colorado Water Conservation Board and the Conservancy District Act. There are currently over 50 people planning events and special programs for 2012 to raise awareness of the importance of water to many segments of Colorado.  Join this panel to learn how prepare for the Colorado Year of Water in 2012, discuss how citizens can engage in water issues and to explore and understand global and local water issues, from the watershed to the faucet.  Presenters are:  Libby Comeaux, Convener of The Downstream Neighbor; Dan Stellar, Water Division Director of the Center for Resource Center; and Pavlos Stavropoulos, Sustainability Director at Woodbine Ecology Center.

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