My Heart Lives in Bali. ~ Chloe Park

Via on Nov 23, 2011

Let me please introduce myself. Hi, my name is Chloe.

Mucho gusto. I’ve just left Mexico and have arrived on the island of Bali this past week.

It feels so good to be back home. Ever since I left Bali in 2006, I’ve been wondering when I’d be able to go back. Finally, it’s time. And the time is now.

Let me fast forward a bit and rewind back to September 2011. I left my home in Los Angeles after 5 years of catching the first glimpse of my calling. Looking back upon the structure and organization of my awakening process has been quite the story. That’s why I’m here, to share my story.

My first stop was NYC. I’m not really sure why I chose to go there to start my travels, but it felt right. Gandhi and John Lennon’s presence was thick in the air. I could feel them with me. My first day there I walked from the bottom of Manhattan to Central Park. I wanted to visit Strawberry Fields. I wanted the energy of John to bless my trip. I wanted my feet to touch as much land of the “—-“ island of New York as possible. If Gandhi was able to walk India, I definitely can walk New York. 4 pairs of shoes later, I realized the concrete jungle isn’t as nurturing on the feet as dirt can be.

 Mexico was next. My plan was to work at a retreat center for the next 8 months as the resident yoga and meditation instructor. The job including being the on site bodyworker. I also do healing sessions with massage, reiki and craniosacral therapy. I decided to leave after 2 months. It was time. It wasn’t the place for me. When things increasingly become worse instead of better and one finds oneself become more (un)happy versus happy, that’s usually a sign. A pretty blatant and apparent sign that it’s time to move on and let go. Life is only made to get better, not worse. That’s the design. That’s just what I’ve seen and learned anyways.

So here I am in Bali. My rational mind keeps telling me that I’m crazy. My heart feels happy and free. This is the place for me. For now anyways. I had a dream in Mexico that I opened up a healing center here, a shala or ashram of sorts. So many of my dreams have been coming true. All I have to do is remember my intention and allow that to fuel and feed my desires. I’m not sure on how I’m going to do it. My money was stolen at the aiport in Hong Kong during my layover and I have the next week to find the means to stay here. I’m not too worried though, it’s all unfolding as it should be. Luckily I have friends and family who believe in me as much as I believe in myself. My teachers’ encouragement and footsteps provide me with strength when I falter. I’m surrounded by love and support.

I’m here to share my message. To offer love and healing. To awaken my self and others to a greater sense of connection with Source. To gain more clarity and integrity on fulfilling my role here on this planet. They’re pretty big shoes to fill, but hey, I’m gonna try. Whatever my body can do with the intelligence of my mind and with the compassion of my heart to raise the vibration of mankind. Whatever I can do to bring more awareness and recognition of what this whole life thing is all about, I’ll do. Okay, so here we go!




Chloe Park is an artist, healer and teacher. She is currently traveling the world to share her message: love and healing. She uses the medium of writing, craniosacral therapy, yoga and meditation to help all those along the path to find harmony between mind, body and spirit. Her intention with her writing is to offer Q&A for all those who are engaged in the dialogue. May we all wake up together. Check out her website here, or look at one of her blogs.



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About Chloe Park

Chloe Park is an Artist, Spiritual Teacher, Yoga and Meditation Instructor, Holistic Healing Practitioner, Life Coach, Women's Empowerment Leader, Social Change Activist and Ethnobotanist. A traveling Healer and Teacher, she roams the Earth to share her message: unconditional love, self-healing and awakening. She uses the medium of writing, holistic healing, medicinal plants, yoga and meditation to help all those along the Path to attain harmony with mind, body and spirit. She is devoted to facilitating the space for Healing, Love and Truth and is passionate about bringing ancient practices and traditions into the modern times we live. Her intention with her writing is to offer Q&A for all those who are engaged in the dialogue. Chloe also writes for MindBodyGreen, Healthline, WorldLifestyle, and Yahoo Shine!. To stay connected with her current projects, retreats, teachings and traveling schedule, find her on Facebook: or visit her website: Spiritual counseling and life coaching sessions with Chloe are available via Skype. May we all wake up together. ॐ


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  3. Younghee Katz says:

    Hi, Chloe!

    You are great! Admiring your courage and will!

    You will do great anywhere you go because you are connected to the source.

    Love and Light

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