Vatican says; The Devil does Yoga!

Via on Dec 1, 2011
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A little bit silly really. The comments are going to make the ignorant fearful and the informed will have less respect for the Vatican.

Crenshaw is so right. The Father needs to do some research into what yoga actually is and realise the similarities but, then maybe the last thing the Vatican needs is, people realising they can find God in themselves without having to rely on the Catholic church leading them by the hand?

What do you think?

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23 Responses to “Vatican says; The Devil does Yoga!”

  1. irina says:

    really… no comment :)) just stunned and speechless.

  2. Betty Shoop says:

    Wow, at least we will be relaxed as we are burning in hell. Satan yoga? Really? Seth and Kermit would have a field day with this one.

  3. sun says:

    we had in Poland worst guys commenting on the deeds of Satan, almost everything is a deception of the devil… maybe they need to relax a bit in th Vatican too… If you look deeper into it all Jesus was a perfect Yogi!

  4. mccubma says:


  5. Scott Robinson YesuDas says:

    OK. First of all: this guy is an idiot. Harry Potter promotes "black magic"? For Pete's sake, J.K. Rowling is a Christian! Harry sacrifices himself for everybody else and rises again to destroy Voldemort once and for all! It's a Christian story! What a moron.

    Second: it wasn't always thus. As a Franciscan, I was enraged when Ratziger (aka "Pope Benedict") closed down the Interfaith Center in Assisi. Inspired by Francis' friendly stance toward Muslims, the friars' Center was warmly patronized by John Paul II, who held his interfaith congresses there. One of the first things Ratziger did upon becoming Pope was to shut it down.

    The RC is in circle-the-wagons mode, and it's getting worse and worse.

  6. I wish they would have claimed that yoga leads to sex drugs and rock n' roll. That would have made it more interesting.

  7. bextah says:

    Calling the practices of others 'satanic' is an excuse to perpetrate bigotry and prejudice about the beliefs of others – like it is the end of your life and you cannot be redeemed if you can appreciate the teachings of another religion or philosophy!

    I think I was also thrown by this man's job title – 'Chief Exorcist'. What?

    Believe it or not I feel a little sorry for this man, he has worked himself into hysteria unnecessarily.

  8. I've heard someone say this before…you can't be a "Christian" and practice yoga. Always thought it was ridiculous! I think yoga could deepen any spiritual practice. And why do they get in such a fuss about Harry Potter? Why are old school good vs. evil stories like the Narnia Chronicles and all of Tolkien acceptable but Harry gets a bad rap?

  9. I like the picture of him with the cross. Really drives the point home, ya know? 😉

  10. Ryan says:

    Well, I happen to think the Vatican, and people who think their religion holds truths that others don't is the work of the devil, so I can see where hes coming from. We all see some things as evil. Some of us base is on whats best for ourselves, some on whats best for all, some on the best we can do….. and some base it on old books.

  11. Lou says:

    the power of christ compels you!!

    I think this gentleman's job title completely discredits him!!!

    – Lou Cypher, chief Unicorn Wrangler, United Federated Gnomic Technologies, Hollow Earth, Inc.

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  13. Tobye Hillier yogi tobye says:

    "Hi Tobe

    Good article, I just wondered which is worse in the eyes of the RC church, Yoga or Paedophilia?


  14. Priscilla Wood says:

    Nice to know this, at least I'll be the calm and relaxed girl in hell! 😀

  15. […] The New Age crowd tends to refer to the darkness inside as a mirror, yogis often talk about the distractions of the monkey mind and growing up in a Christian household I was taught this darkness had a name: The Devil. […]

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