What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve?

Via on Dec 29, 2011

In the movies, getting wasted is always funny.

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(NSFW Language)


In real life, it hurts. It hurts everybody.

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(Tough to watch. Important to watch.)

In the U.S., 40,000 deaths a year are due to drunk driving and other alcohol-related accidents. That’s an entire town’s worth of people–gone–because of irresponsible choices.

Personally, I’m not a big drinker. I did my fair share of drinking myself stupid when I was younger. I like a glass of wine once in awhile, but I prefer to have fun I can remember (and not regret) in the morning.

If you like to indulge, invite friends in.

Want to go out? Designate a driver.

No designated driver? Call a cab.

Cab too expensive? Your life is worth more than the cost of cab fare.

(P.S. in some areas AAA is offering a Tipsy Tow service free of charge)

Have a happy, safe, mindful New Year’s Eve.




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PS: in Boulder? elephant’s ed is once again hosting NYE, here.

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11 Responses to “What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve?”

  1. I will be going out to dinner and maybe dancing? No drinking for me. I get hungover wayyyy too easily and have too much going on for that right now!

  2. Eric says:

    Thanks for this message Kate,
    I simply cringe now at how I used to "celebrate", suffice it to say, it's a miracle I am still alive and didn't kill anyone else.
    In my journey of sobriety, I have been in the habit of staying in on New Year's–but this one I am going to go out. I'm going to my friend's yoga studio where they are having a potluck, kirtan, drumming, and meditation (then some dancing :)

    ::blessings~and Om Shanti Shake Yo' Booty::

  3. Sarah says:

    Thank you, Happy New Year.

  4. tamiapland says:

    I don't even leave the house on New Years Eve. Too many people make the careless, and I think selfish, decision to drive drunk. I was just thinking (and cringing) this morning about how many people would get DUIs, get hurt or lose their lives tonight over one stupid decision. Thanks for posting this. That video was gut wrenching to watch, but it needs to be put out there.

  5. […] fun with out it. I do think it’s ridiculous that it’s illegal, when alcohol–which causes far more deaths–is legal and abused by so […]

  6. […] are lame. Television sucks. Alcohol is overrated and causes accidents. Sex, well…that’s another discussion for a different day. But […]

  7. Noura says:

    The TAC commercial nailed it. Thank you for posting this up and a good wakeup call to those who say "nah, I think I'm O-K to drive…I only had ONE drink"……..

  8. Similar scene here…we have dinner plans with friends early & then home. My 7 year old daughter is planning to stay up until midnight! She may just make it!

  9. Absolutely! If I go out at all on NYE, it's early. Sad that people need to get trashed & make what should be a wonderful time so risky/dangerous for everyone else.

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