A Bali Update.

Via on Jan 12, 2012
Andreas Hunziker

My first love is my sadhana (spiritual practice). There is nothing quite like this love affair, this relationship, this exchange. The deeper I dive inside, the better life gets outside. Everything starts from within. That’s how it works, you guys know that. Devotion and practice are the kind of words that have the capability of transforming in their definition the more you get into it.

Bali has this way of sending you through, very intensely, the karmic blender. If you want to hide don’t come to Bali. Your soul better be ready for some full on exposure, because the land here will peel your layers off,  bit by bit, until what emerges is the essence of you. That inner most core will be in effect, your outer most periphery. Simultaneously. Every little part of you will be seen. The light, the dark, the muddy, the clear, the ugly and the beautiful. They will all come out to play for you to go in and do the work. The beauty about being in places like this while doing this sort of work is that the environment actually supports for this type of thing to be done. Soul growth and consciousness evolution is not just seen, but acknowledged, respected, participated in and then get this: integrated into the framework of everyday life. And the best part is, there’s nowhere to hide. Everyone’s in it. The “mystical” part of life we have the invitation to experience.

Surface life is becoming more familiar too. The “mundane” part of life. The day to day things that are also part of my reality. Just as important as the mystical, if not more- without it there’d be no integration. Driving at night makes sense, landmarks are starting to act as landmarks instead of vague impressions in my memory, I moved into my house, there’s movement and progress in my visa, I love my work (teaching and doing healing sessions at Taksu Ubud), I’m getting to know the other teachers and peeps in the hood, I have a favorite restaurant, I have sweet and kind friends, I found the local supermarket and my rhythm is now comin’ to a flow. Life is being shaped as we speak.

Of course I’ve caught myself not be the most relaxed person to be around during this whole process. I haven’t had a huge freak out, but I’ve cried. Wept at times. Many times. I love sorrow. It is such a beautiful dance. But you know, it passes and you realize, different environment, different set of rules. I’m just now starting to get the hang of it. There’s always that time you have to give yourself for the “adjustment period.” It’s all a process.

My level of patience is something that challenges me and it reminds me that yes, there is still room to grow. Always. I thought I was a patient person, but WOAH, “Bali time” is on a whole other dimension of time and space. The Balinese don’t live anywhere else except for the present moment. Not yesterday, not tomorrow, just now. Appointments and planning ahead are a new concept to them. It’s difficult in terms of getting things done and accomplished, but it instigates the concept of just, being there.

But hey, I’m definitely not complaining. Being in Bali obviously has its perks. Perks isn’t really the right word for it, but it’s the closest to what I’m trying to express. I’m living in paradise and I’ve never felt so free and supported. Bali is the place to be, especially if you’re me- a holistic healing practitioner, yoga and meditation instructor, artist and writer. The other day I got stopped by the police on my motorbike and got out of it by getting into Padmasana (Lotus posture). The policeman and I shared a cup of Yerba Mate and had a conversation about meditation. Talk about a rad reality. Bali is full of artists and yogis who have left their homeland to find a more fulfilling quality of life. Expat livin’ is where it’s at! For now anyways. It’s nice to be submersed in a country where the intention is something besides money, war and oil. The framework of the USA is just so… awkward and weird- it doesn’t honor the value of Life at all. I have a feeling the collective consciousness that is upsurging at the moment will aide in the shift- not just for my birth country but for our planet as a whole.

I’ve been doing a “tour” of sorts, of healers and teachers in the area, just checkin’ out the scene of my new backdrop. So far, I’ve seen practically everything on the spectrum. It is making me realize even more how much I love this Path and doing what I do! There’s just so much to explore within ourselves, yoga and healing consciousness, waking up….it’s all just so fascinating! Don’t you think?

So I’m leaving for Singapore tomorrow and then I’ll be back in Bali for good. By good I mean for a while. Hopefully. I really don’t want to step foot onto another airplane for at least a year. I’m so tired of hanging out in a sardine can! Going for a “visa run.” Will write again when I’m back on the island. And by the way, I heard Claude Monet’s great great grandson also lives here. I wonder if he’s a painter too. Thanks for reading and keeping up with me on my journey! It is an honor to share this experience with you. Happy New Year!


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Chloe Park is an Artist, Spiritual Teacher, Yoga and Meditation Instructor, Holistic Healing Practitioner, Life Coach, Women's Empowerment Leader, Social Change Activist and Ethnobotanist. A traveling Healer and Teacher, she roams the Earth to share her message: unconditional love, self-healing and awakening. She uses the medium of writing, holistic healing, medicinal plants, yoga and meditation to help all those along the Path to attain harmony with mind, body and spirit. She is devoted to facilitating the space for Healing, Love and Truth and is passionate about bringing ancient practices and traditions into the modern times we live. Her intention with her writing is to offer Q&A for all those who are engaged in the dialogue. Chloe also writes for MindBodyGreen, Healthline, WorldLifestyle, and Yahoo Shine!. To stay connected with her current projects, retreats, teachings and traveling schedule, find her on Facebook: www.facebook.com/chloeparkhealing or visit her website: www.chloeparkhealing.com. Spiritual counseling and life coaching sessions with Chloe are available via Skype. May we all wake up together. ॐ


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  1. sean says:

    unfortunately jasom Monet passed away a couple of years ago now.
    He was a regular fixture up in Ubud.

  2. Wonderful, Chloe. Just posted to Elephant Spirituality on Facebook.

    Bob W.

  3. marisa says:

    thanks for this. Very refreshing and inspiring.

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