Like a Child.

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I remember when I first caught glimpse of my ego. It was 2008 when I met the Divine medicine plant, Aya. What shattered was the impeding limitations of the sight of myself for who I thought I was versus who I really am. As the years went by, came yoga, healing, meditation, la dee da dee da, to then THIS.

Now I don’t mean the word “ego” in the sense that the Western mind automatically assumes. I mean “ego” from the Eastern frame of viewing. My teacher calls it “the ego-identity assemblage point.” Where all the thoughts, beliefs, ideas, and images of who we think we are- that are in fact parts of ourselves, intersect and merge into this ego-character-being. How intriguing that there is actually another being behind this “ego-character-being.” And what is there, is what the yogis may describe as the “Eternal Self.” The awareness, the consciousness, the cit. The observer, the eternal eye that sees beyond the surface eye. The sense of Self that lies underneath what we may perceive to be as Truth.

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It’s kind of a trippy thought, weird, maybe even crazy…but I know for this audience, it’s tingling some sort of acknowledgment…right? You get it, you understand. You live it, you hear me, you know what I mean. And even if you don’t, you’re reading because you’re intrigued or fascinated or think it’s funny—but on some deep, deep level, something inside you is resonating. Or else you wouldn’t even be reading this. Our souls programmed both of us to be here. Right here, right now. I’m supposed to be meeting you and you’re supposed to be meeting me. Even if it’s just on this plane, the web, or whatever. That’s part of the beauty of the internet, it’s allowing us to be here now, together.

More and more I am meeting those on the Path who are searching for some greater Truth, to be in harmony with Life, to gain an understanding of what this all means, to relieve pain and suffering, to find balance and ease, to purge their karma and truly live out their dharma.

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Here’s some information that may take a load off your shoulders: Give yourself the permission to not always have to know the answer. You don’t have to know everything, always, all the time. Take glory and pride in your search! It doesn’t matter where you’re going, what you attain, or how fast or slow it takes to get there. There’s nowhere else to go but here. Just keep walking. Don’t stop. Never give up. Keep going in. Investigate in the, “I don’t know…yet.

Here in Bali, if you’re on foot they ask you “Where you go?” and the response you give is this. Jalan jalan. Walking, walking. Just walkin’, who cares about the mistakes you make along the way, the moments you trip and fall, the fool you make of yourself, the utter embarrassment   that comes with “not knowing the answer.” Really! Who cares?! Only you. When you fall, guess what’s there? Nurturing and supportive soil that always washes right off. Gravity will let you bounce right back. Gravity holds you down, but more importantly, it also holds you up. Fall aplenty- not only does it give you experience– it gives you character.

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Let it go. Be goofy and clumsy as hell. It’s okay to be silly. You don’t have to be perfect. You already are. Each step you take is just a refinement in your already attained perfectedness. Don’t let the memories of your past dictate the outcome of your present moment.

Engage with Life in a way that is playful, shameless and innocent as a child. Be free to experiment, dabble and dance until you find the rhythm that is you. Look at all the space you have around you to play! Don’t get stuck in a dogma, in a rigid way of thinking, feeling, being. Structure is necessary, yes, but it’s 2012 ya’ll. Tantra is in full effect and evolution is the direction we’re all heading towards. The train is moving to flow, adapting, change and expansion.

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Being an adult that is responsible is absolutely necessary to function and exist, yes of course. A conscious adult is a prerequisite for a fully lived life, BUT remember in those moments where we’re all taking ourselves a little bit too seriously, you and everyone else around you- was once five years old too!

Be authentic to who you are at this very moment. PLAY, LOVE, BE FREE LIKE A CHILD. Unabashed and fearless. Grow your hair for peace. OM.

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