Sh*t Nobody Says.

Via on Jan 11, 2012

Think you’ve heard it all?

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Here’s some sh*t you’ll never ever hear!

“Twilight Deserves an Oscar!”

When those videos about Sh*t Girls Say started coming out, I wasn’t that impressed at first. Eh, funny. Moving on. Then the next one was funnier. And the vegan one was hilarious (I think I know that guy–or his Connecticut equivalent!) The Yogi one was great, and the guys talking to cats. I  think sooner or later we will have to make a Sh*t elephants Say video…

But this one–from a totally different crew–I watched three times in a row and kept on laughing. Here’s to some sh*t nobody says!


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9 Responses to “Sh*t Nobody Says.”

  1. HEY! Twilight DOES deserve an oscar!! LOLOLOLOL great find Kate!

  2. I loved the "all these CSI's are so different!!"

  3. Andrea Balt Andréa Balt says:

    Mmmm, fart… :)

    I think I also know a Spanish version of the Vegan Guy… he's everywhere! Yes, let's make a "Sh*t elephants say" one.

  4. karlsaliter says:

    "Could you please keep smacking your gum" was a beautiful line, and I give the guy full marks for delivery. It takes something to make that one believable. Nice find!

  5. […] are these so funny? All this sh*t from girls, vegans, yoginis, cat owners…even the sh*t no one says? Because sometimes being mindful isn’t serious. Sometimes we need to look at ourselves and […]

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