Green Means Go.

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Sometimes in life we get so preoccupied with where we’re going that we miss out on all the fun in getting there.

Live - Love

You know what I mean?

I leave for Singapore in a few days. Hell yeah! (I know how much you guys love it when I say words like hell and sh*t.) The time has finally come.

I’ve been in the yellow for what has felt like an eternity. At least two or three life-times.

Finally this whole waiting process is coming to an end. This phase is finally coming to completion. I almost didn’t believe it would ever happen. Three months, waiting, waiting, waiting. Waiting to work, waiting to be legal, waiting for my papers, waiting for the green light to say go. It’s been a really long, drawn out process of patience, being and allowing. I’ve slowed down a lot, in all aspects of my life really. Sometimes my fire can get the best of me—I’ve learned how to manage it, more aptly. Maturation some may call it.

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This day trip to Singapore will be my final visa run—for a while anyways. I’ve gone through a tourist visa, a social visa, a telex visa and now I’ll be receiving my kitas visa. I’m not sure what it stands for, but it means I’m officially official to do my work. Om Namah Shivaya! Celebrate!

This has been the longest duration of time I’ve gone without teaching. It’s been a nice break, but I’m glad it’s coming to an end. I want to work. I’m ready to work. I’m a worker. I love to work. Whether it be making art, writing, teaching or giving sessions- I gotta do something. I’ve got to serve. With this time off, I’ve had the opportunity to dive into my personal practice in a way that not having this time off would not have allowed. I’m grateful. Discovering and finding so many different aspects of this beautiful practice of yoga and implementing all sorts of new additions into my sadhana. I can only teach what I practice, I can only share what I know. That’s the way it works.

During this time, I’ve been going on a teacher tour. I love being a student. Checkin’ out different classes and getting a look into all of what Ubud has to offer. To be frank, I wish I could have taken more! But not working for three months and only having $30US per week does limit how and what my money go towards. Rationing out and my “needs” have really been dissected and broken down to the barest of essentials. There will come a time where this too will shift. Everything always shifts. Everything is moving, everything is breathing, everything is pulsating, expanding and contracting simultaneously all at once. There’s a word for that in Sanskrit, akrama. The thing about Eastern languages is that they’re more all encompassing compared to our more linear used Western language. So much is happening even within a single breath. Sometimes it’s a daze tryin’ to keep up, eh?

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Taking class from the teachers here in Ubud has been so rewarding. I’ve received so much from them, from the subtle to the obvious. There have been many individuals whom I’ve met that are so dedicated, who hold so much humility and the truest Love to share and pass on the teachings. True yogis. I bow to them with much honor and respect.

The thing about yoga is that it’s universal. It’s all sama sama. It’s all same same. It’s the all the same yoga—just with different voices, different bodies, different experiences, different minds transmitting the ONE teachings of yoga. Everyone does it in their own unique and authentic way. It’s really such a delight to be in their presence. I love learning. One of my first teachers said it best. She said “teachers really are just extremely enthusiastic students.” It’s true. Yoga is a thing so vast and infinite in nature that there is always, always something to learn.

IT’S ON. SOO ON. I am ecstatic to share my greatest Love with you all. I am overjoyed. I’ll be teaching at Taksu starting March. My schedule will be:

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Wed – Sat: 10AM-11:30AM (SmartFlow Asana)

Wed – Sat: 4:30PM-5:30PM (Guided Meditation)

Sundays: 10AM-1PM (Diving into the Practice)

~ Workshop style class, exploring asana more in depth

For more information you can go to Taksu’s website or my website. I’m also in the midst of creating workshops and trainings for Raising Consciousness: How to Heal the Brain, Body & Neural Pathways and Empowerment Retreats specifically for my fellow Devis.

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This is a very exciting time! So many amazing things are in the works. It’s been a wild, wild journey. Thanks for reading and being a part. Thanks especially for sending your good vibes and positive vibrations. All your prayers and blessings, I can feel them. I couldn’t have done this without your love and support.

Here’s to upliftment, making art, teaching some things, learning even more and creating beauty all over the world! Playin’ in Maya is so damn fun! The best part about being human is that we get to find what we love to do and spend the rest of our lives not only doing it, but getting better at it. Everyday we have the potential to learn something new. Life is giving us the opportunity to immerse ourselves into our craft and do what we love—all day, every day!  No other species on this planet gets to have this choice! If you don’t know what that is yet, well, I’m devoted to helping you find it. What gets me the most high is watching you rise up.

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It’s our duty to share our heart’s song with the world!

Let’s play some music ya’ll and jammmm!

Om Shanti!



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