Healing the Heart.

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Nothing like a health scare to send your mind into an obsessive, overactive, cerebral spiral.

The past week has been, well– challenging. I haven’t really been myself. You ask anyone that doesn’t know me very well and they’ll probably tell you I’ve been fine, but you ask someone that knows me and they’ll tell you that something’s been up. I’ve been so preoccupied and living in my mind, worried, trying to intellectualize, understand and solve the problem to find a solution. You think you’re healthy and then one day, BAM something hits you in the face—quite literally. There’s not really much we can do though, in moments like these. Health isn’t something we can fix with a pill. All we can really do is surrender, and do the best thing for our bodies to recover and rehabilitate—the natural way. Just breathe, be with it and walk forward.

The Heart's Job, My Sketchbook, Brooklyn Art Library, NYC

I’ve been suffering from a condition my entire life that has just until recently, been at the mercy of my mind. My mind is a very powerful tool. It’s really strong and has the ability to create and destroy. Just like yours. A great servant, but a terrible master. I suppose it’s finally chilled out and quieted down enough to the point where I can now really hear what it is that is going on within my body. More specifically speaking– my bloodstream.

Throughout the course of my days, I’ve been at the whim of this condition—debilitated when aggravated and pacified when dormant. There comes a point in time when one finally says to oneself, Okay, enough is enough. I was tired. Annoyed even. I should be at my maximum peak, optimal health. I’m a yoga teacher, a body-worker, a healer for god sakes. What the heck is going on with my body? What is happening inside that I’m not listening to?

I’m extremely weary about the people I receive bodywork and healing sessions from. I think I carried that projection with me from the United States. In the US, there’s a lot of ego involved that doesn’t allow for the space for real deep healing to occur. It’s a shame, really. I suppose that’s everywhere in the world though. That’s just my experience anyways. An authentic healer was really hard to find. I only trusted a handful of people to do this kind of work with when I was there. Pure, high frequency beings that I could fully surrender to and entrust that I was in good hands. When one is able to fully let go, trust and surrender, so much more is able to be received, explored, healed and integrated. But I’m not in the US anymore. Projection- no; Discernment- yes. I’m in Bali. In the town of Ubud. One of the top yoga and healing havens on this planet. I’m sure the next time I go back to the US, it won’t be so hard to find.

I’ve been meeting teachers and healers who have been doing this work for much longer than I have and to say the least, I’m impressed. 15, 30, some even 50+ years experience. I’ve been learning so much from them. I’m humbled and honored to be here and share this space with them. Much respect and reverence for their passion of facilitating this work of service.

Heart y Corazon. Chloe y Tomi.

Finally, I met someone who could help me find the root to my problem. His name is Bob. I work with him at Taksu. The best thing about working at Taksu is the team of individuals whom are my colleagues. Yoga teachers and healing practitioners, people who are dedicated and fully devoted to the Path of Healing and Raising Consciousness. The owner and business partner of Taksu, Randall and Lela, were around during the BIRTH of this work during the sixties in the United States. They’ve studied and been present with some of the greatest masters of our time. That says a lot. One of the other greatest perks about being a healer: giving and receiving trades with other healers. Healers and teachers are always the best receivers, because they know what it really means to give and receive.

I went to Bob thinking it was my intestines. He said it was my heart. There was something going on in my heart that was blocking the blood circulation to be fully received into and through my pulmonary artery. This was causing my heart to work double the rate of most human hearts and in effect, leaving me to be a very tired, low energy, dwindling down Chloe. 16-20 beats per minute versus the average 8-10 in a relaxed state. Crazy right?! I know. At that moment, everything began to make sense. I love the sound of realization.

Because of the poor blood circulation in my left lung, the meridians and nerves down the left side of my body were not in clear communication—hence the intestinal issues I was having on that side. Psoas too. Stomach. Scapula. Hamstring attachment. Everything. Everything is connected. He recommended blood ozone therapy.

When the healing gets to be more subtle, and what I mean by that is there are many different layers to healing. There’s the physical realm- you know, body pain that is acute and obvious. There is mental pain- patterns associated with the part in the body, negative thought loops, etc. There is emotional pain- trauma of feelings and emotions, memories held in certain parts of the body whether they be muscles, organs, blood and/or bones. And there’s energetic healing where it then gets to be the subtlest of subtle. That’s the beauty of healing. No matter where you start, you always go deeper. It’s just one of those things that are bound to happen and out of our egoic control. Healing is a force of nature, whether you want to acknowledge that or not. You make space for it and BOOM it occurs. It just happens. Just like that.

And the funny thing? I knew it all along. I got a tattoo on my left forearm about 4 years ago, an aorta, the muscle and organ of the heart, with the left pulmonary artery sticking out. There’s some other symbology within it that I won’t get into, but around it, it says the love you take is equal to the love you make. A lyric off of one of my favorite records, Abbey Road. Everyday I re-learn, over and over and over again, what this really means. My tattoos evolve as I evolve, all reminders of the Divine. We must never forget.

So I received a blood ozone therapy session the other day. I am hoping it zapped whatever was in my heart that was blocking the full flow of my bloodstream through my lungs and body. I could feel the ozone moving through the left side of my brain– I love that feeling. Waking more parts of the body up. Making more conscious mindbody connections. Sweet.

It’s a monumental moment for me. A breakthrough. Healing my heart on the physical level will not only provide physical ease and health, but like I said earlier, the healing occurs on multiple dimensions whether we’re aware of it or not. I don’t even know what’s coming yet, but when it integrates, I’ll feel the shift. Emotional, mental, energetic. In a couple days I’ll be able to compare and contrast. Yeah, we human beings are highly complex creatures and fragmented individuals with layers upon layers upon layers—we’re all trying to come back to wholeness, the center of One, our essence to then to embody who we really are and dwell in harmony between mind, body and spirit.

Hridaya Healing™. Thank you for being a part of my journey. You are very much a part of mine as I am yours. Let us not forget, we’re all in this together. Heart healing is going to save the world. It’s already begun. Heal your heart, heal your self, heal your life, heal the world. It all starts with you, within you. OM.

"..The love you take is equal to the love you make.." -The Beatles

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