“Say ‘I Love You’ to Me. Tell Me You Love Me!”

Via on Feb 14, 2012

When Boys will be Girls…

Don’t be crazy, but do tell those you love that you love them because there’s never enough love to give.

Besties with testes!

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Lindsey Block loves a good picnic, bottle glass of wine and a new recipe. She likes to do all the cliché things: sing in the shower, dance in her underwear in the living room—which her dog doesn't approve of, yet—and take long walks on the beach. She's currently struggling with misanthropy, but working on it every day—although it's hard living in California.


4 Responses to ““Say ‘I Love You’ to Me. Tell Me You Love Me!””

  1. I love you Lindsey! xoxoxoxo

  2. Lindsey Block Lindsey B. says:

    Love you too, Kate! :)

  3. Tatum Bacchi tatumann says:

    "LMAO.. l.m.a.o." This was seriously funny. Awesome.

  4. Andrea Balt Andréa Balt says:

    These are some talented besties with funny testies. :) Loved it!

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