Happy St. Patrick’s Day! 8 Songs to get your Eire up.

Via on Mar 15, 2012


Are you Irish? Or only on St. Patrick’s Day?

Growing up in a half-Irish household, you learn lots of interesting things. You learn to find bits of truth in myths. You learn to flatter while scolding. You learn that Corned Beef and Cabbage is an Irish-American dish (over there you’d eat boiled back bacon). You learn that there’s always a good reason to celebrate, and if there’s not you invent one. And you learn—most of all—that music is one of the greatest intoxicants ever created.

Everyone’s heard Danny Boy and Finnegan’s Wake and at least ten awful versions of Whiskey in the Jar sung around St. Patrick’s Day. For songs that tap into the beautiful, bittersweet Celtic heart, we have to dig deeper than that.

A few of my favorites:

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And one last for dreaming sweet soft rain dreams of rolling green hills :


YouTube Preview Image


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6 Responses to “Happy St. Patrick’s Day! 8 Songs to get your Eire up.”

  1. Jill Barth Jill Barth says:

    Love it, Kate! Sláinte.

  2. Tali says:

    Nice choices Kate! I'd love to see your playlist as an embedded a Grooveshark.com or Playlist.com list so I can just keep listening and not have to start a new video each time. :)

  3. Jim Tolstrup says:

    "The Irish Race – our scattered 20 millions are held together by song" W.B. Yeats….Yesterday playing Irish music on the street corner, we got a 75 cent tip from a child. Then we brought a tear to an old man's eye singing The Foggy Dew. "I parted then with valiant men who I never shall see more, and to and fro in my dreams I go and I kneel and pray for you. For slavery fled, Oh glorious dead, when you fell in the foggy dew". Having moved the spirits of both age and youth I felt satisfied and departed for home. It was a St Patrick's Day miracle…Read a great quote yesterday from my friend Maureen Dummigan "It's not just about green beer. It's about soofferin." Bono

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