Book Review: Indigo’s Bracelet

Via on Mar 12, 2012

Indigo’s Bracelet

A must read for all young girls!


My girls and I recently read, “Indigo’s Bracelet,” a charming and sweet story about a young girl named Indigo who discovers a magic bracelet and along with it, her own power. I read this chapter book aloud to my 5 and 6 year old and they enjoyed every moment of it. And so did I! The author, Alexandra Folz, inspires us to take a close look at our inner strength and discover what lies within.

I do recommend this book for age 6 and above – some of the themes may be best suited for older children.

If you have an imaginative and magical daughter who likes to read, this will be a hit with her. We cannot wait for the next one… Indigo’s Crystals.


If you are a young woman (tween, teen) who is looking for a book that has incredible depth, joy, and practical life situations, Indigo’s Bracelet may be your next favorite book.

“Indigo’s Bracelet shares a mystical secret with children and parents about self-awareness and its ability to reveal one’s inner wisdom, build self-esteem and encourage spiritual enlightenment.”


For more from Alexandra Folz:


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