Frankie the Yoga Loving Yorkie. {Video} ~ April Ricchuito

Via on Mar 22, 2012

Frankie, my two year old yorkie, is a huge fan of yoga.

When he sees the yoga mat come out, he’s all over it- literally.  Here he joyfully shows us his puppy pose, showing us the innate wisdom of nature- we are meant to move.

The funniest part of all?  I never taught him to do that on command- anecdotal evidence for nonlocal communication.

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April Ricchuito, D.D., MSW was once the type of girl whose idea of “soul searching” was shoe shopping. Today, she is a writer and integrative practitioner who brings a unique voice to the field of health and wellness by combining traditional evidence-based techniques with ancient practices such as yoga and newer findings in contemplative sciences. Be sure to check out Verbal Vandalism to keep up with April’s regular written works and featured contributions or follow her on Twitter.




About April Dawn Ricchuito

April Dawn Ricchuito, MSW was once the type of girl whose idea of “soul searching” was shoe shopping. Today, she's more about the pursuit of happiness, radiance, and a natural glow from within that can't be achieved with bronzer. She has been recognized as a part of "Generation Inspiration" and is also named as one of 20 Young Champions for Women by the White Ribbon Alliance and WIE Symposium, presented by Donna Karan and Arianna Huffington. You can follow April on Twitter or visit her on Tumblr or at Verbal Vandalism to check out her latest written works.


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