In the Sun.

Via on Mar 30, 2012

I stand here, in the sun
the sounds of progress
alongside the image of my dog’s shining eyes and panting tongue

In the background, the sound of birds
have they been there all along
the realization finally settles in to my understanding

what is progress?
the determined voices of man
alongside the pounding of hammers and fists

or the coming back,
the reaching back
towards those birds voices and dog’s shining eyes?

I close my eyes
and breathe.




Editor: Andrea B.


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About Erin Kouvas

Erin Kouvas is a believer in magic, in love and in all things wonderful. She has a penchant for travel, writing, photography, dance, music, and yoga. She admires the sunset, a fresh flower, bravery and real people (who are often brave). She is a yoga instructor, owns and teaches out of Yoga Urth in Warren Ohio and has nothing but love for the wonderful people in her life. She is grateful. Amen. Facebook Erin


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    Great poem, Erin.

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  2. Valerie Carruthers ValCarruthers says:

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