Jesus Loves the Little Children…All the Children of the World.

Via on Mar 13, 2012

All means all.

Many thanks to The Meta Picture and Ari Pliskin for the picture.


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7 Responses to “Jesus Loves the Little Children…All the Children of the World.”

  1. karlsaliter says:

    HA HA HA!!!! Whoooo! LOVE.

  2. Andrea Balt Andréa Balt says:

    I second Karl, no all-caps though. (But HAAAAAAH. LOVE LOVE LOVE.)

  3. laughingstock says:

    hmm jesus himself has no issues with gay or retarded people like you guys.. it's the extremists that turn his words into their own hatred words like you push on a religion you have no idea about..

    How about i say this. Trungpa rinpoche loved young girls.. well he did marry a 16 year old at the time he was what.. late 20? early 30s? wasn't he also a drunk who spent over 20,000 dollars a year on cocaine. What about his right hand man who knowingly had sex with young woman spreading his aids to them.. or how about this.. with in the shambala community it is very widely known that having sex with underage children is ok as long as you give money every month to shambala center. i could go on and on.. but .. nuff said.

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