Meanwhile, in Maxim: “How to Cure a Feminist in 4 Easy Steps.”

Via Waylon Lewis
on Mar 30, 2012
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Feminism has never been so Cute: Girls’ Prep in NYC.

Image via Professor Yesi King:

“So according to Maxim in order to “cure” a feminist and turn her into a “real girl”, you have to feminize and pornographize her…Yes this image was really in Maxim magazine and no thanks Maxim, I’ll pass.”

Bonus: comment from a friend, Tessa:

“I am laughing really loudly at this. Firstly, every version of this girl is beautiful. And secondly, if one were to dig just an inch deep into the origins of what is considered ‘girly’ as of this moment, he would see cunning marketers of previously unneeded products all the way. A screaming example: shaving one’s legs etc was not introduced as a norm till about may be a century ago or so, and for thousands of years before that femme fatales did just fine a la naturale. So it’s all a matter of taste and culture, ladies and gentlemen. And yes I did research, it is my pet peeve!”

…and from another comment by Tessa:

“The hungry zombie look in the eyes of a girl on the right is a disservice to both men and women. Because in real life attractive, intelligent, healthy women don’t have the hots for the type of men who would look to Maxim for instruction on how to be a man.”

After looking into this (it’s hot on Facebook, where Professor King’s share has 2300 comments), it’s a 10 year old article. And, apparently, a timeless issue:

My take: I’d rather go out with a bicycling, vegan, anti-war feminist (save the corporation-fueling, death-hurrying cigs, though) than a conventional, sitcom-watching woman.

Good thing then that those aren’t the only two choices, and that we all have contradictions, and that life and particularly love can’t, and shouldn’t, be reduced to action figure attributes.

Relephant bonus:


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36 Responses to “Meanwhile, in Maxim: “How to Cure a Feminist in 4 Easy Steps.””

  1. Amen! I didn't even realize it was THAT timeless.

  2. Kelly says:

    Hahaha! This is hilarious!!! In Maxim's world, women are so vapid and gullible that all a feminist is waiting for is a Maxim man to "show her the way". This is an age-old stupidity.

    That what feminists are upset about is their father, not real injustice. That women who don't dress themselves for men's pleasure and arousal hate men, and women who do dress that way are truly feminine. That not shaving is equivalent to feminism.

    I'm guessing Indigo Bacal would give these guys a real feminine run for their money…. Thanks for the belly laugh Way…..

  3. yogasamurai says:

    Feminists are far more upset about their mothers, methinks.

    Anywho, didn't Maxim miss the 5th and final frame – a naked yogini on all fours – with balloons – in Downward facing Doggie?

    And the balloon says: "I feel the power."

    I mean, as long as we're riffing just for fun….:o))))).

  4. Suri_k says:

    Hmmm..Hairy women….definitely not nice.

  5. John says:

    So what exactly are the 4 easy steps?

  6. […] I’m sure we’ll see those bitchy woman and their angry pussies heading back to the kitchen anytim… Thank God women television writers are a vast minority, it shouldn’t take long to squeeze them out. […]

  7. Shorty says:

    Am I the only person in on the Joke?
    Maxim is a spoof of American masculinity folks. Just like The Man Show. Its funny cuz its so blatant yet people still believe their writers are serious.
    Robocop was also a joke on the American people, about their obsession with violent law enforcement. He was making fun of us. AND NOBODY GOT IT! They thought it was just an awesome action movie, which only further drives home his point.
    Same situation here. The fact folks are getting upset at such callous behavior and bad mouthing them about their sexism makes even more amusing than just the article itself.

  8. Havenice says:

    I think they hit the spot. You actually can be both. You can respect yourself to the point no one will touch you without your consent, ever, and you still can be sexy as hell. And men, all they want, all they think about is…sex, as a thing. If women ever knew the fascination and seduction power she has got, she could have anything, anyone…on her feet.

  9. phathed says:

    Women shouldn't be pressured to shave, wear lacy underwear or spend hours doing her hair AND the photo on the far right is seriously hot.

  10. Brian says:

    This is really awful.

  11. Olivia says:

    can we talk about how much the attractiveness of this woman is being discussed or the attractiveness of women in general and how that somehow equates to their worth or the relevance of their opinion?
    "Because in real life attractive, intelligent, healthy women don’t have the hots for the type of men who would look to Maxim for instruction on how to be a man."

  12. Daniel says:

    I dont wonder most men want women to be dumb: Just bringing them down to their level. Good for me I am not like most men, so i get the smart ones 😉

  13. bimbambomb says:

    People taking this article seriously? What next, taking the bible literally? Oh wait…

  14. cfr27 says:

    Is Maxim trying to be satirical or is this real? Because if it's a satire it's dead on. If it's real then they have made themselves look plain stupid.

  15. Troy says:

    As a man, I find the two on the left absolutely repulsive (as would most men).

    There is nothing attractive about militant feminists.

    Support femininity, not feminism.

  16. kavinsky909 says:

    A bicycling vegan feminist? want!

  17. Scarlet says:

    you can keep your Camaro, I'm more of a Nova girl

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