“You can hate PETA, but this is f**king bullshit.”

Via on Mar 17, 2012

Does this still go on?

Okay, Alec, you got me. The best video I’ve ever seen on this subject.

With thanks for the heads up to Reddit.

“Break its spirit.”

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Alec Baldwin: Boycott Circuses That Use Animals

Actor and animal defender Alec Baldwin describes the sad plight of elephants who are torn from their families and forced to perform grueling tricks in the circus.

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82 Responses to ““You can hate PETA, but this is f**king bullshit.””

  1. Clara says:

    Not all circuses abuse their animals or tear babies from their mothers…you can't lump them all together like that. That's ignorance, plain and simple. Some do and that's shitty. They should be shut down, fined and never allowed to work with animals again. Jailed even. But stereotyping all of them as being that way is very close-minded. Not sure why we're listening to a Baldwin about this anyway.

  2. Rebecca says:

    I couldn't watch the entire video, it is heart breaking. I remember seeing the Shrine Circus as a child and they used elephants to perform. I cannot imagine ever supporting such an enterprise but even more so now after seeing this video. Thank you Alec and Peta.

  3. JANETT VALE says:

    This is sickening. How to stop the torture of these animals? I do not go to circuses but many still do go. We must all spread the word.

  4. Angie says:

    The Trumps were participating in a local custom and the animals didn't die in vain… the meat from those animals was also donated to feed local villages.

  5. Racquelle says:

    FAIL "The independent Zimbabwe Conservation Task Force alleged that the Trump sons had killed an elephant, endangered leopard, a buffalo, a crocodile and other “big game” animals on a 2011 trip arranged by a South African Safari firm not registered in Zimbabwe." What 'local custom' were they participating in? The were on a guided hunt arranged by a South African safari firm; they paid big bucks to kill certain animals. Zimbabwe Conservation officials have disputed that fact that meet was given to 'local villages' and are in fact investigating them as, 'There are no villages in the northwestern Matetsi district of Zimbabwe where they hunted.'

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