Carrie Underwood goes (almost) all Vegan.

Via on Apr 13, 2012

I know, I know. I’m not a celeb gossiper either.

But when this popped up on the internet, it made me take a second to think about it, which is important. I think it’s great that someone as well-known and loved as Carrie Underwood, who graces the cover of this month’s SELF Magazine, can take a stand for animal rights, and hopefully people, who maybe didn’t give a care before, are now listening.

“I love eating and talking about food. I’ve been a vegetarian for seven years…Now I’m 95 percent vegan…My veganism is based on a concern about where my food is coming from. In my perfect world, I’d have webcams wherever food is processed so I’d know how clean it is. I’ll never eat meat again, because I look and feel better without it, but if I could raise my own cows and chickens and produce my own eggs and cheese, it would be awesome! The food would taste better, because the animals would be happy.” ~ Carrie Underwood

So let’s gossip if it’ll get “the good word out beyond the choir and to the masses.”

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3 Responses to “Carrie Underwood goes (almost) all Vegan.”

  1. namastehon says:

    we don't have to have our own cows and raise our own chickens if we take some time to know our local farmer – look for one who uses biodynamic/organic/humane methods of raising animals and plants. Look up Joel Salatin of VA – he is one who goes "beyond organic" and there are many more like him learning by his example. For more info, go to (and be sure to read the articles written especially for vegetarians and vegans – you must take special care to eat a nutrient dense diet with lots of natural fats (and from the Ayurvedic perspective be sure to take care of your agni – you could eat the best diet in the universe but it will do you little good if you aren't digesting it well).

    • Lindsey Block Lindsey B. says:

      Yes! Thank you for the comment. Love what Joel Salatin is doing! Am a huge fan of supporting local farmers. The biggest issue for me is hurting the animals.

  2. […] I don’t have the perseverance or willpower in me to ever go vegetarian, let alone vegan. Drool-worthy fish tacos, miso-glazed salmon, and bacon-wrapped-anything are my current foodie […]

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