Honor Your Lineage.

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Map of Bali

(Convo #1)

What percent of the world’s population you think is aware of their super powers?

Hmm, really? You mean people who experience life in more than just a physical plane? I think it’s less than 1%.

What?! You’re the second person I’ve asked who has said that. I estimated 10% at least.

Well, I would hope atleast 10%, but to be realistic I think it’s around 1% if we’re lucky.

That’s the most depressing thing I’ve ever heard.

Well, who knows- I could be wrong.

(End Scene)

- – -

(Convo #2)

Please help us in Bali. Teach the people that come here to think about love, to live in peace, teach them happiness. They’re coming here from all over the world bringing their ways into Balinese culture. All they care about is money. Money, money, money. Western minds are ruining the innocence of nature here. Please help us in Bali. Teach your students so they know. Help them help us…

(End scene)

Manggis aka Mangosteen

Wow. What a request. Good thing that’s already what I’m going for.

My friend Jero invited me over to her house the other day. She knows that I love mangosteens and she wanted to show me the trees she has at her house. She has three of them in a row in the front courtyard. They’re beautiful.

I met her family and her husband’s family. When the Balinese women get married here, they usually move into their husband’s family’s house. It’s the custom here. Her mother in law is a painter, father in law a scultptor, brother in law and sister in law are university professors.

Hope II - Klimt

Her mother in law won a contest that took her to the United States a few years ago. Her painting won first place. Her work is reminiscent of Gustav Klimt mixed in with a little Mattisse during his minimalist blue painted women phase. Standing there in front of her, I was brought back to that moment I stood in front of my first meeting with Schiele and Klimt in NYC. I fell in love with her work immediately.

She paints only women, alone or with children, the belly always pregnant and with a hint of joyous melancholy as the color pallete. I asked her why. I love asking other artist’s about their work; I want to know their intention. The intention always says more about the artist than the actual work itself.

She wanted to show the power of women, she said. The beauty, the power, the grace. “I want to remind women what they’re capable of doing. And they’re capable of doing anything.”

She got really excited that I was so keen, so she took me to the back room. I smile in the cuteness of her behavior. It is familiar as I do this too when someone asks me about my work. They are many different layers to a human being and the deeper you access the more intimate it gets. I had to leave to go back into town to teach my next class, so I told her I would come back soon. It’s been a long time since I’ve got to connect with another artist, finally I can get my dose of art fart talk.

Blue Nudes - Henri Matisse

She even showed me her family’s kitchen—wow. It looked like Frida and Diego’s kitchen in Mexico City when I was there. Another two on my list of favorite artists. All meals cooked from wood, stone and fire. No gas burner here—full on OG status.

As we were leaving, that’s when Jero told me her family is royalty. Even though they all don’t work very much, they never struggle because everyone in the community helps out. The rice is also free because her brother in law own a plot of the rice fields; they will never go hungry or starve.

Park Family





I understand this idea of royalty as my Korean lineage also comes from a similar story. The line got dismantled when World War II broke out and Korea became two Koreas- now known as North and South. My grandparent’s were of the “highest caste” I suppose one could say. When the split occurred, the fled South on US ships—the last one actually. They almost didn’t make it. They brought with them nothing. They thought the war wouldn’t last and they’d be able to return back home to reclaim their belongings, their valuables and well, their life.

Chloe, Janet, Robert, Brian

My grandpa did bury a few things underground before leaving- precious paintings and treasurables. Auntie #1, Komo, the first born, still has the map to get there. If Korea ever becomes a democratic country, they’ll be able to go back and reclaim whats rightfully theirs. They’ve said most likely it wont be in their lifetime, so the map will eventually get passed down to me. I hope my lifetime will be a more optimistic tale.

Their old house is now used as the Communist government’s headquarters. Grandma and Grandpa were the leaders of the secret society of freedom fighters when Japan started to invade the land. Grandma used to tell me stories when one night, a whole gang of them were in the basement sewing Korean flags.

Korean Flag

This was highly suspicious and a dangerous thing to do whilst Japan was in the midst of attempting to take over Korea and the culture that comes with it. The federales came through the house and made their way into the basement as my grandpa, the owner of the house—had to run away and flee. If he was caught, that would have been game over for him. He was gone for weeks, grandma said. She has to travel and walk miles to the mountains to bring him food whilst he was in hiding for the bad guys.

Now that’s love.

I love my grandma. I wish I could have known my grandfather a bit more. He sounds like a real noble and dignified man of character and justice. He passed away when I was too young to really remember.

Tibetian Kagyu Lineage

I love that Bali is teaching me more about my roots and where I come from. The land is helping me understand my blood and lineage in a way that I’ve never had the opportunity to really feel and experience. I suppose because this is the first time I’ve lived in the Asias. The energy of the East is different of the West. Older, primordial, more ancient.

Everyday I awaken to another facet of who I really am. I’ve got it in my blood- literally.

I was giving a healing session to someone the other day and afterwards he said he saw a man in his vision whom he described to be my grandfather. Halaboji- he’s with me. Halmoni’s always with me too. I feel her next to me, always. Even thinking about her brings me to tears over how much I love this woman. She has the ability to crack open parts of my heart that I didn’t even know existed. She’s a healer. She’s healing me too.

Lineage—be proud of your lineage, your roots, where you come from. The family you were born into and the family you are to discover. Honor your familiar heritage as well as your subtler incarnations. Our ancestors have walked a long, long way for us to be where we are today.


Shanti, Shanti, Shanti.

Peace, Peace, Peace.


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