Naked & Painted in Central Park, NYC. {Nudity}

Via on May 14, 2012

Inspired by Avatars and Creatures.

I first became aware of Robert Sturman photography through the work that he does with The Prison Yoga Project at San Quentin Correction Facility. I’ve been keeping an eye on his work since then and quite honestly in awe of his ability to capture yogis as artistic expressions.

A few months ago, Robert posted that he was doing a photo shoot tour for yogis on the east coast. I jumped on the opportunity to work with him and get the creative juices flowing. Surrendering to the idea that I am “married” (united intimately) to yoga being that yoga has been in my life for 20 years, I came up with the idea of being a bride for the shoot and wear long white beach dress, keeping it elegant, soft, ethereal.

As you can see, that idea went out the window.

Andy Golub appeared  on my radar just about a month ago while strolling through photos on Instagram. Someone had captured him working on a model and in the commentary someone else identified Andy as a rad artist who has a niche for painting bodies. And there you have it. The idea came to me to put us all together and see what we can create.

I did the unthinkable. I picked up the phone and called Andy directly.

To my surprise, he answered. We spoke for about 40 minutes and hashed out a plan. It took a bit of juggling with everyone’s schedules, but we were able to make it work out and Mother Nature was on board too. I had some back up ideas in case of rain, but we didn’t have to go there. Couldn’t have been a more picture perfect day.

Having my entire body painted and being naked in Central Park is far more my style and essence than being a bride. Go figure. I am a New Yorker and I fully embrace my wild side, creative side, quiet side, upside down side and right side up side. All kinds of new experiences that day. To me that is what life is all about—experiencing.

I am fortunate to have the paths of yoga and Buddhism to guide me on this extraordinary trip of life.


Many thank yous to Robert, Andy and Andy’s daughter, Indigo



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About Kim Stetz

Kim Stetz aka spiritual gangster lives in NYC. Like Ben Franklin, she goes to bed early, wakes up early, is healthy, spiritually wealthy and questionably wise. Kim teaches yoga, meditation, and offers holistic health coaching guiding people towards living their authentic joyful lives. You can find Kim on Facebook or her website. To never miss a post subscribe.


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30 Responses to “Naked & Painted in Central Park, NYC. {Nudity}”

  1. BEAUTIFUL:) Now why didn't we do this on the beach in Varkala?!

  2. Kimstetz says:

    Lauren Z and I skinny dipped under the full moon. We didn't have any paint???

  3. ManifestYogaJen says:

    amazing xoxoox

  4. Suresh M. Nair says:

    gorgeous paint and great photos – live art/Zen fusion! awesome :-D

  5. Kimstetz says:

    yes, indeed, live art/Zen fusion. you got it @Suresh M.Nair.

  6. Yogafan says:

    Truly incredible. Love your courage let your spirit be your guide ! Great shots!

    • Kimstetz says:

      thank you. I recently took the refuge vow and was named Jimgme Nordzin "Fearless Richness". There was a lot of thought behind this project. I wanted to feel like a creature of the earth in human form. I am really pleased with the results. Lots of love and respect during the shoot.

  7. Eric says:

    I went all over NYC dressed as a rooster once upon a time–got some strange reactions..but not as fearless, rich or beautiful as this. Congratulations~my refuge name was Kunga Rangdröl, "All Joy, Self Liberation" :)

    • Kimstetz says:

      would have love to see you try kukkatasana (rooster pose) while wearing your costume (probably impossible). Thank you!

      • Eric says:

        Ha!! I was "Rock-A-Doodle" (promoting the Warner Bros. animated film), but I like "kukkatasana" better. my 'pose' was trying not to be knocked over by dozens of little and not so little kids at FAO Schwartz and the Bronx Zoo. nearly impossible (luckily, there was scotch in the limo :)

        • Eric says:

          (oops. Samuel Goldwyn, not Warner Bros. but amazing how kids respond to animal costumes and face/body painting, as I'm sure people in the park were amazed by you :)

          • Kimstetz says:

            we didn't let them get too close and amazingly we found some pretty secluded and private spots near the Boat House

  8. Marjorie Nass says:

    Gorgeous Kim. You’re an inspiration!

  9. Terry Post says:

    BRAVO! Your body looks like blown glass art. This takes asana as art performance to a new level. Beautiful work from three talented artists.

  10. Claire says:

    These photos are gorgeous Kim! What an fantastic art performance blending visual and the spiritual. Your fearlessness and vibrant energy are always so inspiring my dear friend. You made me dig back out my tubes of color that have been hiding in the closet for a year! Namaste. xxxx

  11. chad says:

    Oh. It's a girl, not a guy. Yawn.

  12. Bobby says:


  13. Felicia Gledhill says:

    Absolutely stunning. I also love the bio that you are like Ben Franklin and a Gangster. Discipline and passion working together. Very, very cool. This inspired me to get on that same track. Thank you. You are not only stunning but quite a courageous woman. Rave on!

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  18. runyogabeer says:

    I have to admit I clicked on the link expecting to hate the pictures "ugh not another uber beautiful naked yogi" but you got me. The photos are stunning. Well done.

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