“What if the male Avengers posed like the female one?”

Via Waylon Lewis
on May 7, 2012
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Sexy Avengers is Sexist.

With thanks for the tip to Reddit.

Sorta relephant bonus: Standing like a Superhero for as little as two minutes changes our testosterone and cortisol levels, increases our appetite for risk, causes us to perform better in job interviews, and generally configures our brains to cope well in stressful situations. (psychologytoday.com)

Avengers’ Booty Ass-emble.”

Illustration above by Kevin Bolk:

“This is a parody of this promo art [at, ahem, bottom. ~ ed] for the Avengers movie. I couldn’t help but notice that in most of the ad material, the guys are all in heroic stances but Black Widow is almost always in an impractical, curved-spine “booty shot” pose. Figured I’d flip it around for my lady friends out there. Seemed only fair.

Them’s some strong male characters, amirite?”


And the original:

“New promo image for “The Avengers” which would be awesome if only Black Widow wasn’t in a ridiculous and impractical “look at my ass” pose. It just seems unfair that everyone else gets to be heroic and she’s just “Ohai! Pin-Up!” >_<“


Relephant bonus:


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41 Responses to ““What if the male Avengers posed like the female one?””

  1. Their poor little lumbar spines…
    Hulk is too funny!

  2. I do feel the need to point out – in defense of the male – that most men don't have the kinds of muscle displayed, and that their very macho poses are sexist in their own way…

  3. Richard La Rosa says:

    Another bonus: http://tinyurl.com/878h4l5

  4. Marc Jameson says:

    Her pose closely mirrors the basic starting stance of many forms of karate. It's the first thing you learn. The angle of her aim makes almost a perfect 90* from that of Iron man, playing a key role in the theme of symmetry that's all over this arrangement, and from a more practical point of view, provides good coverage of enemies that could be approaching from both sides. You wouldn't send a troop of soldiers walking down a street full of potential hostiles with all guns pointed in one direction. If she was flipped around, aiming at the same symmetrical angle, but facing to the left, then you would say that she's showing off her boobs.

  5. Amelia says:

    As hilarious as this is, I found it hard to find another Avenger's poster like this one. In all the others she is facing the other way, with nothing inhernetly sexualized about her. I wouldn't be too critical. But yea, hulk is hilarioussss.

  6. Tyler says:

    Whatever. Both men and women prefer to look at attractive women posing attractively. Go look it up. There are studies.

  7. yogamatt says:

    Overall, I would say that sex sells. And it sells very well. Black Widow is for sure showing some TandA, but guess what? The guys are too. Huge muscles and masculine poses=catching the eye of the ladies.

    It goes both ways bro.

    BTW, that movie was completely badass.

  8. redraike says:

    I like the topic of discussion. Here's my take: the female form is significantly different than the male. I guess just to make things equal, men should wear plunging necklines and skirts to work, right? Maybe at a wedding, the man and woman both should wear a big white dress and veil? Would that erase sexism in the world? Why stop at a fantasy comic book? Why not be practical and complain about how different male and female aesthetics are?

  9. namesfinn says:

    just going to point out that the "promo" that this is based on isn't official. at least not in the US. every single thing on here looks like fanart.

  10. Steve B says:

    I submit that any pose made in a skin-tight neoprene body suit, especially when worn by Scarlett J, will, by default be a sexualized pose. Sure, it’s “empowering,” but her whole character is designed, from the ground up, to be alluring to the target demographic – young males.

  11. yogijulian says:

    oh come on! male and female sexual characteristics are different…. superheroes are exaggerations of these in the case of both sexes!

    male superheroes have muscular physiques, broad shoulders, chiseled faces. female superheroes have hip to waist proportions, bust size and facial features that expresses the feminine ideal.

    these ideals and the effects they have on our brains are long standing evolutionary templates and superheroes represent a kind of "supernormal stimulus."

    i don't think they are sexist. both ordinary men and ordinary women might feel intimidated by superhero images – but its a good thing nobody thinks we are supposed to live up to this archetypal representation!

  12. joe hoe says:

    GET OVER IT! IT is never going to change no matter how much PC BS is forced down the throats of the masses. Men like tits and ass, women like security and personality. I use to work in a book store. Our romance novels were the top sellers right behind porn. Men buy porn women buy romance novels. GET OVER IT!!!

  13. twixraider says:

    Now that Batman had his outing, I wonder how the promo artworks for the next movie will look like… will he do high kicks like Batgirl? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yZp-rFKvp5Y&fe

  14. guest says:

    ha! love it! so true. thanks for the reminder.

  15. Ryedee says:

    First of all you guys need to be able to look at this and laugh because that was the intended goal to get a laugh to be ironic to do something funny second of all as humans we like our media to be oversexualized and so that tends to happen to players on both sides. if you actually SAW the film you would know that most every character is over sexualized hell Iron Man barely keeps clothing on if half the films he is in.

    Here is another funny gathering of stills from the movie that very noticeably focused on characters butts making even the men in avengers over sexualized for their body parts.


    it seems like a few of the people commenting here haven’t even seen the film so i think it’s a little bit ignorant to discuss how “sexist” or “male-dominated” a film that you haven’t even seen is. To make assumptions about something based on the “expert” opinions of random people on some sort of “test” site and not your own is sheepish and ignorant.

    This particular Avengers film(because it is the first of many if you knew the comics) is a fictional tale about SIX fictional male super heros and ONE fictional female super hero so naturally it could be a bit male dominated and that isnt a bad thing. Again if you actually watched The avengers you would see how great of a job Joss Whedon did as a director he always makes the females in his shows and films strong memorable relevant and important characters.

    In fact he did so well with Black widow played by Scarlett Johanson in The Avengers that disney and marvel have picked her character up for an origins film based SOLELY on the Black Widow character coming to theaters soon.

    The Avengers was an awesome film and this was an awesome post by elephant journal once again helping a nerdy yogi such as myself. Have a fun moment where my spiritual and geeky worlds collide is always great!

    in case you didn’t check the link out before do it now ^_^

  16. nevermind says:

    Interesting comparison – it points out not only the obvious sexism, but also illustrates the discomfort some people have with sexually reversed orientation. (i.e. gay pride)

  17. Cicely Waiki says:

    Nice post. I was watching continuously this site and I’m impressed! Extremely useful info especially the last part I care for such info much. I was looking for this particular information for a long time. Thank you and best of luck.

  18. Fredric Ciner says:

    Well at least it's not Charley's Angels… I mean, reaaaaaly.

  19. nedls says:

    haha..so frick'n funny…

  20. […] of this…umm…ever. Dollhouse was cut down in its prime, and of course, The Avengers was […]

  21. Tara says:

    This made me literally LOL!

  22. Shonna White says:

    What I think gets missed a lot in conversations lately, is it's okay for people to find people sexually attractive. They pose the woman in a boobs and butt shot that, albeit is out of place, is sexually attractive . . . and SAME WITH THE GUYS! They all have bodies and poses that are assertive and powerful, things that a LOT of women find attractive (seriously, admit it ladies, the romance novel industry that portrays a highly sexualized and unrealistic male stereotype (and gag worthy female stereotypes as well, if you ask me), is far from starving.
    People seriously need to stop trying to make other people fit into their sexual ideal. Bring out the guns on rapey behaviour, but freaking hell, admit it, WOMEN OBJECTIFY THE CRAP OUT OF MEN WHEN THEY'RE NOT AROUND. have you ever seen women at a male strip show? Personally, I lost my voice.
    As a woman, I'm made to feel guilty because I like a strong, confident, sexually assertive man (provided he's classy). Every time I turn around I'm faced with something that tells me that it's wrong I think that way.
    I say we turn it around. Leer at men, cat call them, you know you're already doing it in your head.

  23. ___ says:

    Women try to look attractive with makeup and stuff, then get mad when men think they're attractive.

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