Did You Know That You & I Are 50th Cousins? {Video}

Via on Jun 14, 2012

We are all related.

I’m trying to decide if this is creepy or fascinating.

(Or a little of both)

I’m going to go with both, and mainly fascinating. Do you remember exactly what you were like five years ago? Every cell of you is different now. And yet, as different as you think you are from me, your neighbor, your friends or your significant other, if you are from the same country and the same ethnicity, odds are you have a relative in common less than ten generations back.

We are so much more connected than we are separate!

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2 Responses to “Did You Know That You & I Are 50th Cousins? {Video}”

  1. Eric says:

    My dad said I kinda looked like the Milkman….and we called him 'Uncle Mike' (?)
    So Kate, could we be "kissin cuzzins" ~ even 50x removed?? :)

    ::ALL ONE LOVE::

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